mandag 27. februar 2017

Road Trip to GDC 2017 - Day 3

We were still pretty jet lagged. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. The clouds had disappeared, and we had a beautiful view of the stars and Milky Way. Jørgen took a bunch of photos. My dinky iPhone camera can't take pictures of stars, of course, but I got the sunrise over Monument Valley!

Big black birds were gliding over the hotel.

Breakfast just after sunrise.

After breakfast we drove down to Horseshoe Bend. Jørgen crawled up to the edge to take photos. I did not, just thinking about it made me dizzy.

This is as close as I will get to a 300m drop. It was an incredible view!

This seemed to be a common trick - having a normal car attached to your huge camping car.

We drove by a huge power plant on our way to Page.

In page, we went on a tour into a slot canyon. These are canyons that are really narrow and built up by millions of years of flash floods. These shots are from the bottom looking up.

The canyon is about 400m through. Here I am at the entrance!

We stopped for BBQ in Flagstaff. It was really good. :D

And then, we drove for hours down to Phoenix and got a late flight to San Francisco. It was a great road trip, we got to see quite a lot and drove about 1250 km in two days!

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