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Maddox List

Norwegian Masters is done, and I have no major tournaments scheduled until after summer. With all the new erratas and rebalances that have happened I think it is time to investigate some other Cygnar casters, and get a bigger stable for the future.

Storm Division did great things for Maddox. Being able to get a whopping 16 points of extra models, while not losing anything important, could possibly take Maddox from being an average Cygnar caster to being one of the best.

As a first test, I made a Maddox list that just takes a lot of the geat Cygnar stuff, and maxes out the free models. For taking 60 points of Storm Knights I am able to get a free Squire (5), Stormblade Captain (5) and Acosta (6). Since Maddox brings a solid 30 Warjack Points herself, the list clocks in at a whopping 121 points of models!

Army List

Major Beth Maddox (Maddox1)
* Squire
* Ironclad
* Stormclad
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Savio Montero Acosta
Stormblade Captain
5+5 Storm Lances
6 Stormblades
* Officer


  • Assail - make a jack threaten a bit further and get free attack on the charge.
  • Dauntless Resolve - because Arcane Shield was not good enough, she also gives out Tough. Fair and balanced!
  • Electrical Blast - you must be kidding. Maddox should not be 8" from the enemy front line. You are better off camping 3 more Focus.
  • Onslaught - Pathfinder for everyone for the low, low price of 1 Focus to upkeep! This spell makes her swarm of models so much harder to deal with.
  • Snipe - A great spell, that might not be the strongest in a list that wants to get into melee. Sniping a unit of Storm Lances, Laddermore or maybe even the Stormclad can be useful, but if you make a list with dual Chargers it will probably see more use. Against the right opponent you might be able to deal sufficient damage to force him into giving you the charge.


It's a decent feat. +3 damage in melee is not insane, but since she can have so many attacks in her list it sure does stack up. Since the current meta tends to skew into armor, the feat is quite good right now, but against infantry swarms that do not depend on ARM it does not do all that much.

On the other hand, high armor skew has always been the bane of Cygnar, and having at least one caster in your pair that can reliably crack armor is a good idea!


Maddox can speed up only one jack at a time, and her feat works best with models that give many melee attacks per point. Therefore, I decided to take only a minimal battlegroup of 30 points. Stormclad is nice because of the free focus, and Ironclad is a cheap beat stick that also can help with the inaccurate shooting in the list. Hammersmith as an alternative that can go deep into enemy lines, but it loses a bit of initial threat.

Since Maddox needs to keep her models in Control to benefit from feat and pathfinder, a Squire is quite useful. She probably won't have much need for the magic attack reroll, but with 4 upkeeps she can become a bit focus starved. Camping a bit more is nice with a caster that has to be fairly close to the front line and has no defensive abilities.

Storm Lances and Laddermore

Not only are Storm Lances awesome, but a charging Storm Lance gets +3 POW to both its impact attacks and charge attack on feat turn. Having a Stormblade Captain along makes it much easier to get off good charge angles and therefore he indirectly increases the amount of attacks that can be done each turn.

The Storm Lances with an ARM buff should be the last unit activated each turn. This allows your Lances and Blades to charge through each other, and then leave the Arcane Shielded lances in front to absorb the counterattack.

The reason for taking two max units is that taking three is cheating.


The reason for taking Laddermore is that she rocks. keeping her alive and useful becomes way easier with the Captain, she can assault and clear some stuff, and afterwards she will be hidden behind 3 layers of Lances and Blades.

Storm Blades and Officer

Storm Lances but with less pony, Storm Blades are possibly the hardest hitting unit in the game per point. Unfortunately, the combination of low speed, no pathfinder and victim stats make them useless in most lists. Maddox in Storm Division fixes it all, though. Dauntless Resolve gives them Tough and +3 ARM, and together with the Officer's minifeat they become ARM 21, Steady, immune to Stationary, and Tough, with Pathfinder. Since they can also move 5" up in the first turn, they don't have to worry about getting left behind by the Storm Lances.

Junior + Firefly

With so many lightning attacks, it makes sense to bring a Firefly along. Storm Lances become way better with Arcane Shield. ARM 20 and 5 boxes die to only the heaviest shooting.
Stormblade Captain

An alternative could be taking a Charger for a good Snipe target.

Stormblade Captain

Seriously, don't play with 11 large bases and a smattering of Blades without allowing the dudes to charge through each other. Also, Maddox is a Storm Blade herself, so you can put her behind some other models without having her movement restricted!

Savio Montero Acosta

I am bringing this guy along just for fun, and he is also a good looking model. I doubt he is ever worth six points, but I think he might easily be worth being free! He does not benefit from Maddox at all, but a SPD 7 solo is great for capping, lightning bounces, and generally murdering the enemy backline and being an asshole. An alternative could be getting Arlan or another Captain.


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