søndag 12. februar 2017

Tournament: Internal Affairs VIII

Again we are having a club tournament, this one running for all of Sunday. The format is a bit odd, several club mates are going to ClogCon, so we are running three lists - but due to time constraints limiting us to 4 rounds everyone just has to play two of them (not all three).

I am bringing my new Maddox list, Nemo3, and Haley2, and this time every list is in Storm Division!

The Games

Round #1: Maddox vs Axis
Round #2: Haley2 vs Stryker1
Round #3: Maddox vs Ossrum

Major Beth Maddox (75 points)

Objective: Bunker
Theme; Storm Division

Major Beth Maddox (Maddox1)
* Squire
* Ironclad
* Stormclad
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Major Katherine Laddermore
Savio Montero Acosta
Stormblade Captain
5+5 Storm Lances
6 Stormblades
* Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard

Artificer General Nemo (75 points)

Artificer General Nemo & Storm Chaser Finch (Nemo3)
* Squire
* Dynamo
* 2x Firefly
* Lancer
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Major Katherine Laddermore
5+5 Storm Lances

Major Victoria Haley (75 points)

Theme: Storm Division
Objective: Fuel Cache

Major Victoria Haley (Haley2)
* Squire
* Stormwall
* Thorn
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Major Katherine Laddermore
5+3 Storm Lances

Final Standings

Final standings on Tiebreak

Baby Haley kills Thexus in the finals game!

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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster...
    Hi Christian, I really like most of the lists you come up with. I am in search of a tournament pairing an can't decide whether to play Nemo3/ Haley2 or Nemo3/ Stryker2. I even thought about Maddox myself. But- and this is the thing that bothers me- do you think that having two Storm Division lists is viable when playing in a tournament or is it, in your opinion, better to have at least one list out of theme?
    I hope you can give me some tips after your today's tournament.
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I cannot take credit for all the lists. The Nemo3 list is pretty close to Jarle's Nemo3 list (just swapping one Firefly for 2 Storm Lances). The Haley list came up during a discussion on a Cygnar chat, it is pretty a pretty obvious build, though, you probably can't build a Haley2 SW Storm Division list any other way. The Maddox list is my own. :D

      I guess my list design philosophy is to always build for attrition, and try to have as much punch as possible. Only use the minimum amount of support you can get away with. :D

      Storm Division is pretty flexible, you can take our best unit and almost all our best jacks and solos, so with some exceptions I think most Cygnar casters will be better in that theme. Playing 9-16 points up is a serious advantage! Sons of the Tempest is garbage and cannot be played competitively, I think. Heavy Metal is possible, but Sword Knights still are not very good, and most of our casters do not support huge battle groups all that well. Haley3 is probably still stronger our of theme.


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