lørdag 28. januar 2017

Norwegian Masters 2017

The Norwegian Masters tournament is complete! The organizers did a fantastic job. Doing a 5 round + finals tournament in one single day is quite busy for everyone, but they managed to get everything started (and finished) when it was supposed to be done. The 2D6 club had made a completely new set of 2D terrain to play on, with 3D obstacles. All the scenarios and maps were in small convenient booklets.

Norwegian Masters underway

Lots of players had arrived from Sweden, Finland and Scotland. I got to play a couple of them, always great to face some new opponents!

Norwegian Masters (64-man Steamroller)

Jarle took the win, ending the finals with a quick Nemo3 pop-n-electrocute on Ossrum.

I went 3-2, which I think was a decent result.

Round #1: Haley2 vs Ragnor
Round #2: Haley2 vs Vlad2
Round #3: Haley2 vs Haley2 (not again!)
Round #4: Haley2 vs Vlad2
Round #5: Nemo3 vs Stryker1

I was a bit unfortunate by meeting 3 tanky lists that I think all required Haley2. Possibly Nemo3 could have dealt with Ragnor, but I was hoping to get some infantry spam later to drop him into. Also I had to drop Haley2 whenever I met Storm Division.

Jarle showing how it is done

In the last match I was then list locked, thinking "anything but Cygnar", and of course I got a Storm Division drop. This is pretty much an auto loss for me, so we cut the game short once it was obvious I could get no more Control Points.

Team Tournament (8 Team Steamroller)

On Sunday Nima, Kuba and I registered for the 3-round team tournament! I had played so much Haley so I decided to pick Nemo3 for this one. Our team did well, and went 2-1 and ended up in 3rd place overall. I did not do so well, making some mistakes and losing all my games, but hey, picking great teammates than can carry you is the #1 skill in team tournament, right?

Round #1: Nemo3 vs Karchev
Round #2: Nemo3 vs Una2
Round #3: Nemo3 vs Coven

Battle reports will be coming as soon as I get some rest after playing 8 Warmachine games in two days!

The future: My plan was to play Haley2 and Caine2 (and then, after the nerfs, Haley2 and Nemo3) until the Norwegian Masters tournament. I am already looking at some other lists to play! I haven't yet tried Haley3 and I guess every Cygnar player should have her in the stable. For the other list, I'm looking at trying out Stryker1 and even (gasp) Maddox!

Moot Point's Podcast about the tournament.

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