mandag 23. januar 2017

Battle Report #59: Nemo3 vs Damiano (Internal Affairs VII #4)

For the final game it's Nemo3 against Damiano. My opponent also has Cephalyx and he is none too happy to see Nemo3 across the table when he has two lists with tons of infantry.

Artificer General Nemo (75 points)

Artificer General Nemo & Storm Chaser Finch (Nemo3)
* Reinholdt
* Dynamo
* Firefly
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Major Katherine Laddermore
5+5 Storm Lances

Captain Damiano (75 points)

Feign Death is no use against Electroleaps!

Theme: The Kingmaker's Army

Captain Damiano (Damiano1)
* Buccaneer
* 3x Nomad
Kell Bailoch
Orin Midwinter
Stannis Brocker
Steelhead Halberdiers
2x Steelhead Heavy Cavalry
2x10 Trencher Infantry + Officer & Sniper


I win the die roll and we both deploy centrally.

Turn 1

I claim as much space as I can.

I should have been a little bit further back, Dig In + Advance + CRA and a double tap from Kell kills two Lances.

Turn 2

Time to start grilling. I move a Lance up on the left and bounce some shots off it. Lances charge on the right and clear out all the closest infantry. I couldn't land much on the heavies so I hold my feat.

Forgot to take a picture here. Damiano clears the right flank, but his Nomad ends up out of control. The right flag is capped.


Turn 3

I keep killing dudes on the left flank. I misplace in the centre where I could have score a point, but both Laddermore and Dynamo are slightly away from the flag. I feat and one Nomad is blown away,

Forgot to take another picture. Damiano hits back but he is running out of models in the center and left flank.


Turn 4

Dynamo shoots away a Nomad. I cap the left and center flags.


Damiano moves what he can. I cap the center again


Turn 5

I kill the Nomad and cap again.


My opponent surrenders, as he has no way of preventing me from capping the center again.

Cygnar wins by scenario!

Post Mortem

That was a long slog. I am sure I could have placed a bit better. Forgetting about Kell's double tap was a big mistake, which allowed him to eventually control that flank. Neglecting to cap a flag in the middle was just dumb - I would both have gotten a point, and would have forced him to run something in to stop me.

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