mandag 21. januar 2013

Norwegian Masters - Wrap Up

The Norwegian Masters

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the lists, and the end result. I ended up placing 5th in the Norwegian Masters, with the highest Strength of Schedule of all the players. I sure had some tough opponents! And, in the final match I was just one Control Point away from 2nd place over all

The event was really well organized. Everything worked really well. Big thanks to everyone that made this happen. I especially want to mention Endre, for running a tight ship, and Terje, for doing so much work on the terrain.

Big thanks to all the foreign players that traveled to the event. It seemed to me like you all had a good time, and I really enjoyed playing against lots of new opponents. I also liked the rather casual atmosphere, it was a lot like the Danish Masters in that regard (their food was more awesomer, though :D ). All my opponents were really friendly. I am sure the fairly relaxed time limits and long breaks between games had a lot to say, this gave everyone time to eat, socialize and relax between the battles.

All in all, it was a well executed first Norwegian Masters. Next year it will be 50 pts, and I'm sure it will be even larger! And, I hope I will meet some of you again before that... maybe I'll show up at a tournament in *your* country!

Here are the full results.

Thoughts on the lists

Grim Angus

I did run into matchup problems with my Grim list. Either my opponents had too much armor for comfort, or brought strong anti infantry (like Krueger and Feora). While the list performed well for me during my practice games (going 10-2), I think I might want to redesign it to be more punchy, or with some stronger assassination options.

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

I'm very happy with how the Hoarluk2 list performed. I think I might want to remove the Pyre, it did very little every game, I don't really need the animus, and mostly it just played bait. Maybe Scouts instead, or a unit of Runeshapers + a Feralgeist, for some more scenario strength.

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