mandag 21. januar 2013

Norwegian Masters 2013 - Game 5

Hoarluk2 vs Harbinger (Ole Christian Val Corneliussen, Menoth, Norway)

The Harbinger of Menoth (+5)
* Reckoner (8)
Avatar of Menoth (11)
The Covenant of Menoth (2)
Vassal of Menoth (2)
Gorman di Wulfe (2)
Anastasia di Bray - (2)
4 Choir of Menoth - (2)
Exemplar Errants + UA (7)
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard (4)

Round 1

I run up, placing Doomshaper on the hill.

He runs up.

Round 2

Full concentration. It's time for some payback for the Massacre of the Exemplars.

I use Mulg and the Rush the Axer to wipe out every single Errant on the board. A good start! If I had done things in a better order I should maybe have used Mulg first, then Primal Shocked away Gorman, rather than activating Doomshaper first.

He kills both my Axer and my Pyre in retaliation. Gorman blinds Mulg. Harbinger feats.

Round 3 

Need to kill the blocking troll, need to trample... can the Avatar do it?
I back away with Mulg, and Primal Shock away Gorman. Bye bye, you little overpowered geek.

He tries and barely fails to kill Rök with the Avatar. It rolled max focus (again), but trampling meant it could just swing 3 times, and Rök ended up sitting on a single box.

Round 4

The nuke failed to kill off the old troll.

I activate Doomshaper,  Feat, heal Rök and toss Primal on him. Rök proceeds to scrap the Avatar and eats some Honor Guard. Mulg walks 7" over the wall and scraps the Reckoner.

Ole Christian is on the ropes now, and goes for a hail mary assassination run, which is clearly the right move. He could not see Doomy due to the cloud, but he can see the Gobbers. He uses Rhoven to strip my one camped Fury, he walks up as far as he can, and casts Cataclysm, but rolling 6 on three dice and doing little damage to Doomy. Fortunately he nukes both the Gobbers, so he cannot try again by hitting the other Gobber.

Round 5

Quick, eat the Harbinger while there is still time... 

Mulg starts hitting Harby, but dice down is called before I can complete the kill. Fortunately I had remembered to move Rök into the zone, and beat him on the points in the zone tie breaker.

Wrap up

4-1! I know my Strength of Schedule is high, and I have a realistic shot at taking a medal.

This was a pretty close game for a while. Gorman caused me major headaches, and I should have prioritiezed taking him out. I was a bit lucky when he failed to kill Rök, I do not think he should have killed him on average dice though. Also, I forgot about the Fury stripping ability... the assassination attempt was a long shot, but Doomy is not a strong boy, and it could have worked.

Last game: Terminus, which I have never faced before.

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