søndag 20. januar 2013

Norwegian Masters 2013 - Game 1

Hoarluk2 vs Haley2 (Robert Willemstein, Cygnar, Netherlands)

I played the first game against Robert Willemstein from the Netherlands. It was a great game, and my opponent played really well.

- Stormclad (bound)
- Squire
Gun Mages + UA
Black 13
10 Forgeguard

He had Caine2 as the other list. I can't kill a Stormclad with the Grim list, so I pick Hoarluk Doomshaper. I win the die roll, and go first. I want to get as far up the board as possible before I get hit with the feat.

My main targets here are the Forgeguard and the Stormclad, which are the models that can hurt mine.

Round 1

You put your left toe in, you put your right toe out.

I cast Refuge on Rök, fill the Stone, put Rush on Mulg and move up with everything, toeing into the zones.

Robert moves up, outside my charge range.

Round 2

Just a few inches more...
I move up a little bit further, outside his charge ranges, and put Wild Aggression on Mulg. I Assault towards Ryan and Refuge back with Rök. Unfortunately I don't hit Ryan, only a Forgeguard.

Robert moves up to threaten me, stormcalls a Gobber and shoots a Whelp, and uses Haley's feat.

Round 3

Run away, little trolls, those dwarves look so scary.

Realizing that he cannot score both zones in the same turn, I quite simply back out so I'm mostly outside his threat ranges. I leave something small in each zone, so that he does not score on my turn.

He takes a couple of swings with the Forgeguard, kills the contesting Gobber, and scores the right zone.

Round 4

Rök has berserked into Haley's melee range.
I survived the feat with almost no losses, but I am down a control point. My plan now is to put as much as possible into the left zone, but of course I forget to put some of the models that could have moved there into the zone. Now it's my time to feat! The Stone moves up. Pyre troll moves into the left zone and shoots a gun mage at point blank range. Rök goes bananas (or as it's sometimes called, Primal) and turns the Stormclad into scrap, and refuges into melee range of Haley. Mulg also goes into the left zone and whacks a couple of Gun Mages. The Axer cleans out several of the Forge Guard. Things are looking good! But... I forgot about Telekinesis...

He activated Haley and started moving Mulg and Rök away and out of the zones. Then he activated the remaining Dead Eye'd Gun Mages, but he accidentally put one of them inside Mulg's reach... so he was one shot short on pushing the Pyre out. Close call!

Pinegulf had taken a photo of our match.
You can see on the top left how close the Pyre was to being pushed out of the zone!

Round 5

Mulg, the snacker.
Mulg walks up, swings at Haley, and then snacks upon her broken corpse. Then, he uses her dancing pole as a toothpick. Ice-T told me afterwards that killing Haley counts as a double win. :D I kind of agree, it always feels great to kill the most broken caster in the game.

Wrap up

Robert Willemstein, the snackee.
Great guy, I hope to play him again.
Score: 1-0.

I should really have remembered Telekinesis, I could have run several more Stone Scribes into the left zone, and then he would not have had any chance of clearing it. I really have to remember to put models into zones unless there's some really good reason not to!

It was a close game, and well fought by my opponent! The players from the Netherlands have invited us to come to a tournament next fall, I hope I will have a chance to go.

Next game: Morvahna and her unkillable tarpit.

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  1. coll to see my team mate working hard to keep the dutch honour high :)! very nice write up looking forward to the other games!

    1. p.s. I believe he did win Best painted which softens the blow of losing to the army he played for a long time ;)

    2. Yeah, his painting was great. He told me before the game that he used to play Hoarluk2. It's exactly what I don't want to hear when I ask my opponent if he wants a rundown of my cards... :D

    3. And thank you! I have the first five games up now. Enjoy!

  2. Nice report! Im wondering, after he feated, did you not give up an action or move with you models during your turn?

    1. Oh, I see in round 3 you moved back.

    2. Yes, I backed out and essentially gave him a control point next turn. So he got that, but did almost no damage.


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