tirsdag 20. mars 2018

Guild Ball (#54): KTC March Match 2: Corsair vs Honour

My second game was against was against Manuel. I think he usually plays Honour, so I expected that as a drop.

It's on!


Corsair (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)
Gutter (Union)


Veteran Harmony

My guild plots were:

Back in the Game
Keep the Ball Moving
Kick'Em When They're Down
Lone Striker
Stick to the Plan

Round 1

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Angel: 3, Hag: 0, Siren: 1, Gutter: 2

With Hag and dodges, a centrally placed Angel is quite able to score a first turn goal, so that is what I am going for.

It works perfectly, Angel zooms up and kicks it into the goal. 4-0 to the Fishermen!

Veteran Harmony stands in a position to out her aura on all the team mates I can reach (except Brick, but I don't want that dude). So I risk a bonus timed Drag directly on her, and it lands. Harmony ends up knocked down and at 2 health, surrounded by Corsair's posse.

Flint gets a double activation, but his goal kick misses!

Round 2

I play Stick to the Plan against Seize the Initiative.

Gutter takes out Veteran Harmony. It's inconvenient for me to contest the ball right anyway, and I am happy to get a goal kick. Flint picks up the ball and taps it in. I then kick the ball up to Angel who casually strolls up and scores a screamer. 10-4 to the Fishermen!

No countercharges please

Veteran Harmony then goes into Angel, taking her out. 10-6, it's looking good.

Round 3

I can try to go for another goal, but I decide to just end it as soon as possible. I play Lone Striker. Corsair uses his six influence, trundles over to Flint, knocks him to the ground, and beats him up. 12-6 to the Fishermen!

Angel is just... wow. Getting a first turn goal with Corsair is awesome, and with her high defense she is hard to deal with. I am pretty sure she has a permanent slot in my Corsair lineup now.

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