tirsdag 20. mars 2018

Guild Ball (#53): KTC March Match 1: Corsair vs Ferrite

The first game was against Marius, who is visiting from Gjøvik. He is an experienced WM/H player, but new to Guild Ball. Not many other players in Gjøvik (yet), but hopefully that will change!


Corsair (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)
Gutter (Union)


Ferrite (Captain)

Round 1

Alloy kicks. Tentacles blinds Alloy, and Iron steals the ball. The ball is passed on to Hearth.

Round 2

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Angel: 4, Hag: 0, Siren: 0, Gutter: 2

Blacksmiths play Midfield General, and I - anticipating some goals - play Keep the Ball Moving and go first.

Angel puts up Nimble, walks up into cover, and tackles the ball off Hearth. It's a screamer! 4-0 to the Fishermen.

The ball is passed to Iron, who unfortunately has to get out of Corsair's melee to score. He is knocked down on the parting blow. Corsair grabs the ball, uses One Leg Stance, and Angel then does a 5 dice snap shot - another screamer! 8-0 to the Fishermen!

The ball is then passed down to Iron, and the round ends.

Round 3

Iron activates, builds momentum from Hag, and scores! Marius is thrilled to land a goal with Iron. :D

I just kick the ball as far as I can up midfield. Gutter is close enough to run over, grab it and tap it in. 12-4 to the Fishermen!

A lightning fast game, we both had at around 25 minutes left on the clock. Double goal with Angel in one turn, insane stuff!

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