tirsdag 14. mars 2017

Battle Report #80: Maddox vs Directrix

It's been a long time since I've faced the Iron Mother. She has gotten quite the theme force since the last time, possibly the best theme force in the game! I swapped out Arlan for Acosta just because I love that little homicidal maniac.

Major Beth Maddox (75 points)

Objective: Bunker
Theme: Storm Division

Major Beth Maddox (Maddox1)
* Squire
* Ironclad
* 2x Charger
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Savio Montero Acosta
Major Katherine Laddermore
Stormblade Captain
5+5 Storm Lances
6 Stormblades
* Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard

Lars and the Proxy Axiom

Iron Mother Directrix (75 points)

12 free Servitors with Shield Guard!

Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors (Directrix1)
* 2x Assimilator
* Cipher
* Corollary
* Diffuser
* Prime Axiom
2x3 Attunement Servitors
2x3 Elimination Servitors
Optifex Directive


I win the roll and elect to go first. I do a fairly standard central deployment, and so does Directrix.

Round 1

I run up. Onslaught on Maddox, since there are some annoying walls. Snipe on one Charger in preparation for some cycling. Dauntless Resolve on the Stormblades.

Directrix casts Tactical Supremacy on herself.

Round 2

I swarm into the zones. The Stormblades minifeat. Aided by the Firefly and Laddermore the Lances and Stormblades shoot away an entire Assimilator on the right flank, and do quite a lot of damage to the Assimilator on the left flank. "I thought this was a melee army", my opponent cries in anguish. "Cygnar is #fairandbalanced", is my reply.

Directrix fails to contest the left flank and I get a point on his turn. The Axiom shoots away 3 of the Arcane Shielded Lances and the Firefly is splatted.


Round 3

I have the feat ready, the left zone clear, and 4 Stormblades, Laddermore and 2 Lances ready to clear the zone. He cannot prevent me from going to 4 points this turn, and there is no way he can stop me from winning the round after that. Lars surrenders.


Cygnar wins by scenario!

Post Mortem

Afterwards we thought he might have had a play with Domination on a Charger, followed by Backlash and hitting the Charger with everything. I should have been more careful there, and kept the Chargers further back.

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