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Review: Frozen Forge Movement Templates

Full disclosure: I am a friend of Jonas. I got a free set of the templates to use in this review. I have not been paid or compensated in any other way for this review. The text, photos and opinions expressed above are my own and, I stand by them. If someone wanted to pay me to write something nice they would have to give me a lot more than some pieces of colored plastic. :D

I was given a batch of the brand new Frozen Forge movement templates from Jonas, and decided to try them out in today's game!

These templates are for dealing with a fairly common problem - doing exact measurements when you cannot move in a straight line. They can also be used in situations where the table is cluttered and it's hard to place a measuring tape or other widget.

Movement is done in two steps. One, place out a snake of movement templates that match the miniature's base size.

Two, place your miniature in the opening in the other end. That's it!

There is one set of templates for each base size. I chose one set in each of my army's primary colors,
purple, blue, and yellow. This makes it easier to find the right set quickly.

Using the templates you can premeasure accurately on your planned move - like here, where Caine2 wants to crawl around the Objective and see what he can reach with his 12" range guns.

Here is a neat trick - place a proxy base in the last opening. In this case, the last purple circle is not one of the movement templates, it's a 30mm proxy base. After removing the templates, I can just place Caine2 on top of the proxy base, or leave the proxy base in position while I do the other measurements, like placing the smoke clouds.

Checking to see if the Firefly can walk around Reinholdt and be in melee with Hyperion.

To execute the movement, I place the Firefly in the hole at the end. Perfect!

Using movement templates does take some extra time when moving straight, compared to just using a widget of the right length. I suggest using them when it really matters that the movement is perfect! In cases where you need to go in a curve they are faster to use than doing less accurate movement by (for example) "walking" a 2" template by turning it back and forth.

The price is $10 for each set, so $30 for all three. The templates look good, with clear numbering. What can I say, Jonas makes the coolest stuff!

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