fredag 26. september 2014

My son is doing passive scouting

I have joined IRF Clan in World of Tanks, which has led to an increase in tanking in the evenings after my son has gone to bed. Unfortunately, it seems I nevertheless have been spotted whizzing around the battlefield in my trusty AMX 13 90 by my son.

Nothing is of course more fun than doing things one is not supposed to do - and being deemed too young to play, or even watch, World of Tanks is a pretty harsh fate indeed. Or in his words, "It's so unfair that all the coolest games are just for adults!" Which is true, I guess. So, it seems like my son has taken to, on occasion, sneak ever so quietly out of his room after bedtime, and watching me from the shadows (no mean feat, since there are no bushes around to enhance his camo value).

But, on the plus side, he has been inspired to design a very powerful tank!

Cool Tier XI Heavy Dragon Tank with Lava Shots and Magnifying Glass.

Not only does it have impenetrable heavy armor, it has very cool spikes and wings, and a magnifying glass to help it to spot better. To preserve game balance, the magnifying glass is also a major weak spot. I think that overall it's probably at least tier XI. Observe also the premium ammo - complete with lava cracks. I estimate the penetration value of these shots to be extremely high, but it should probably be kept well away from the fuel tanks. I would advise training Safe Stowage skill on the gunner.

Puny AMX 13 90 which Dad drives.
He also pointed out the unfairness that I should be driving around in such a puny tank while all he others are so big. Above is a size comparison of the tank I drive (AMX 13 90), compared to his lava-ball-shooting monster.

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