torsdag 29. november 2012

Pyg Burrowers are painted

Pyg Burrower unit

My Pug Burrowers are painted!

These models have the rather ridiculous ability to mine under the battlefield, and then pop up behind enemy lines, letting go with their short range, high power guns. Fun to play, and very scary for the opponent!

I did some very minor conversion work on the miniatures. One got a red Khadoran hat, one got goggles, and (my favourite) one of the grunts got a beret, with matching tartan colors. All the sculpting was done using green stuff and some sculpting tools.

Pyg Burrower Grunt, with matching beret.
The leader got some minor Object Source Lightning from the lamp in his mining helmet.

The tartans are painted purple, with a purple/brown wash. Horizontal white stripes where added, and then a dark green grid. The center of the grid lines were then painted in with light green.

Pyg Burrower Unit Leader

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