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Playing Hoarluk2

Update: I have created a Hoarluk2 Tactics post.

One of the lists I am working on for Norwegian Masters is a list with Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (Hoarluk2). Just for fun, I wanted to try him with nothing but Dire Trolls:

Hoarluk Doomshaper and his hungry trolls
- Bomber (10)
- Earthborn (10)
- Mauler (9)
- Mulg (12)

vs Harbinger

Mulg snacks on the Harbinger
This is just a crazy fun list. I tried it against Harbinger. We both moved up. He tried to lock down my heavies by using Gaze and running with the Avatar, but I grabbed it with the Mauler, hit it twice and threw it away, and proceeded to eat Harby with Mulg after eating a choirboy and goading.

vs Ravyn

Earthborn snacks on Ravyn
Then, I swapped the Bomber for an Axer, Whelps and Runebearer. I played against Ravyn. I got shot at a bit, but lost nothing important. Mulg then one rounded Hyperion, and the Earthborn walked through the wreck and one shot Snacked Ravyn.

vs Deneghra

The last game was against Deneghra2. In this game, I also swapped the Mauler for a Pyre and Krielstone + UA. She got a bit close, and I tried to assassinate her by trampling Mulg into a forest containing two Nyss, unfortunately I missed twice when trying to kill the first one, This left me at three fury when I reached Deneghra, who was camping quite a lot of Focus. I hit twice and slammed her away, but she was left at three boxes. Close! The Nyss charged Mulg and killed him, and Deneghra locked down most of my army with her feat. Unfortunately, the store closed at that point. I did have a Primal Shock assassination run open, since the Earthborn was a bit back and out of the feat bubble, it could trample up and allow me to do two fully boosted POW 12 primal shocks on Deneghra. We'll never know how it would have turned out, but on average dice it should be enough to hit with one of them to finish her off.
Moving up the board against Deneghra

I guess the conclusion so far is that the Axer is awesome to have for the increased threat and Pathfinder, so I won't run the single battlegroup list. My list going forward is going to be:

- Axer (6)
- Bomber (10)
- Mauler (9)
- Mulg (12)
- Runebearer
5 Whelps (2)

Then I have a nice target for Refuge, with the Axer animus it can move 7", shoot twice, and then walk 7" away again. This will allow it to stay out of charge range of almost everything after the shots... and with Wild Aggression and the Mauler animus it's still no slouch in mêlée.

There's no defense for Hoarluk in this list, so it depends on him holding as far back as he can, and camping Fury. I might swap out the Runebearer for a Feralgeist and a Swamp Gobber, this will make it easier for me to hold and defend objectives, and give me something to hide behind, but I'll lose the free buff swap.

vs Kromac

It looks like I can out-threat Circle. This is good. I used the Refuged Bomber to clear a line to his heavies, and charged in Mulg to almost take out two of his beasts. After this he feated with Kromac and killed the Mauler, Bomber and Axer, but I still had Mulg. So I POW 13 Primal Shocked Kromac twice, then proceeded to Snack him for the win.

vs Asphyxious2

I died in turn 2, not really having understood the insane threat range of his feat. I think this would have been very hard to win, anyway! Banes with Tartarus under the feat would have murdered my heavies, as well.

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