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Hoarluk2 Tactics

Update: I have changed my list slightly.

Welcome! Instead of making a generic tactica, discussing every possible permutation of a list, and every possible use of every spell, I'll rather make one list and explain how it works. I won't go into much detail on each model. Enjoy!

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (35 pts)

Army List

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (Hoarluk2)
- Axer (6)
- Dire Troll Bomber (10)
- Dire Troll Mauler (9)
- Mulg the Ancient (12)
- Runebearer (2)
5 Whelps (2)

This list is a fast, super hard hitting alpha strike list. Hit first, and hit hard! And after that, I recommend you camp some Fury.


The Axer is there to allow you to get up the board faster, give you an extra crazy feat turn, and allow you to reach the targets you want on later turns.

The Bomber is there to clear charge lanes, finish heavies, and assassinate casters.

The Mauler is there to make all your beasts hit hard, and to make Mulg able to one round Colossals.

The Runebearer is there to juggle a spell at the right moment.

The Whelps are there since you can potentially generate 18 Fury a turn, which is a bit too much to handle, even for the Rage of Dhunia.

And finally, Mulg is there to eat the world. Om nom nom.

Dire Troll Bomber, Dire Troll Mauler, Mulg the Ancient
Whelps, Runebearer, Hoarluk Doomshaper, Troll Axer

Deployment and first turn

Place the models close together, keeping three Whelps in reserve, and make sure Hoarluk can see the Bomber (Refuge) and Mulg (Wild Aggression). Throw out upkeeps and Rush on Mulg and charge the enemy. Let the Axer rush the Bomber and charge something, and then run up the board with Mulg, Bomber and Mauler. The Runebearer has no job the first turn, so just run him as well.


The Feat should buy you the alpha strike and allow you to do some extra attacks. Try to take out any hard-hitting troops or heavies that could threaten your heavies on the next turn. If you can do enough damage on your feat turn, the enemy may never recover. Even if only one of your heavies survives the counterattack, then Wild Aggression, tramples, and Primal Shock may allow you to assasinate the opponent's caster.

The Feat also gives you crazy long tramples, which can allow you to both kill a lot of infantry, but also reach models that thought they were safe between the infantry screen. Use the Bomber to clear a spot to land, then trample in.

Ability: Attuned Spirit

One extra Dire Troll animus per turn. Use it for Girded (if the enemy has AOEs) or Runebreaker (just because...) until you get engaged, then use it for free Rage.

Ability: Goad

This ability is great for beating through some troops to get hold of the heavy or warcaster you really want to kill. You can also use it after killing the front line of a unit to engage the next line. Be careful to calculate in Goad when moving Hoarluk, so that your beast doesn't suddenly leave your control on the assassination run.

Ability: Hyper Regeneration

If things start hitting you, and you're out of Fury, you'll probably die. If you lose so many beasts that you have to cut for Fury, the game is probably pretty much over anyway. You won't be using this ability much with this list.

Spell: Agitation

A fairly weak spell. You can use this spell to prevent transfers by increasing an enemy Warbeast's Fury to its maximum. You can also use it to make enemy Warbeasts take frenzy checks. This spell can mostly be countered by the opponent through careful play. It's easy for him to forget that Hoarluk has it, though, since he rarely uses it.

Spell: Refuge

An awesome spell, especially on a ranged beast, or against lists with very low threat. Place this on the Bomber initially, then use Rush + Refuge to move the Bomber 7", blow something up, and back out 7". This will put you out of the threat range of most mêlée models.

Spell: Primal Shock

Very useful for killing off key solos, clearing lanes, assassinating casters, and finishing off wounded heavies. With the Runebearer this spell can be cast four times, or two times fully boosted. This can be enough to straight up kill weaker casters, especially if you can get Mulg to slam something into them first.

Spell: Sunder Spirit

Another fairly weak spell, since Primal Shock costs the same, has greater range, and hits harder if cast through Mulg. I guess it could be useful if you can't kill some beast, *and* need to get rid of its animus, *and* cannot get Mulg with Runebreaker nearby. Which is pretty unlikely...

Spell: Wild Aggression 

Mulg is the ultimate recipient for this spell. With his potential eight attacks (2 initials, 5 Fury, and Warlock Affinity), it's like getting up to nine free Fury each turn to boost and charge. With this spell on, Mulg will hit on almost every attack against enemy heavies, lights, and all but the highest DEF infantry. Also, the boosted attacks will increase the chance of landing the Critical Smite. After charging or goading, try to move Mulg so that the Smite will do maximum damage.

The Mauler and Axer are good secondary targets. The Axer will mow through infantry with his Thresher, and the Mauler will be almost certain to land his Grab & Smash.

This is a good spell for the Runebearer to use his minifeat on, it can allow you to cycle Wild Aggression on up to three of your Warbeasts on the same turn!


This list is excellent against heavy armor lists that you out-threat, especially Colossals. If they out-threat you, you will have a problem. I don't think many lists do, though... 14" threat is pretty long. Possibly you might offer up the least important beast (the Bomber) and try to get their heavies in the retaliation.

Against mass infantry you might have issues, since there is no Krielstone nor Janyssa. If possible, try to keep your beasts together and engage one flank at a time. If the infantry is slow, then Rush + Refuge + Goad tricks may work (go in, kill as many as you can, save one Fury, Goad and then Refuge away). Otherwise, Bomber and then Axer / Mulg with cycled Wild Aggression should (hopefully) be able to kill quite a few of them. And if they don't kill your beasts in one turn, well, om nom nom and heal back up.

Another solution against small base infantry is of course to just trample then Goad to whatever you actually want to kill. With the free trample and extra strike a trampling Mulg with Wild Aggression can stomp across a lot of infantry first, then snack on the heavy behind them. 

Iron Flesh Kayazy are (as always) a pain to deal with. With some clever placement and Crit slamming you might be able to get some extra kills. You can also run in a Whelp and then shoot it in the back with the Bomber, this will allow you to place the 4" AOE anywhere you like.

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