lørdag 8. oktober 2016

Painting: Stormwall

I was looking through my unpainted models in order to sell off stuff that I was unlikely to use in the near future. Guess who I found at the bottom of a drawer? I could not even remember buying this dude.

Every time I say I do not play with a Stormwall or Storm Lances, Jarle looks at me sadly. I am pretty sure he is thinking about whether I have brain damage and if it's best to get help, run away, or just stay really really quiet.

Well, I better get this dude done before they stage an intervention.

Step 1: Primer.

Basecoat from Army Painter. Fairly expensive but this stuff is great.

Step 2: Basecoat

First, I threw all my GW and PP metallics in the garbage and bought a set of new ones from Army Painter. I lie, I always recycle.

I am keeping the color scheme from the rest of the army. Since the model is so large I am alternating the colors of the different sections more than I do for smaller models.

  • Blue body: PP Cygnar Blue Base
  • Purple body: PP  Non-Covering Purple, I Must Buy A New One
  • Grey body: PP Ironhull Grey
  • Steel is AP bluegrey base first and then AP Gunmetal
  • Bronze is PP Brown mixed 50/50 with AP Bronze
  • Insignia: GW White first, 3 Layers PP Non-Covering Sunburst Yellow
  • Coils: PP Arcane Blue

Step 3: Shade and highlight

All layering and some blends, using brushes. I like to have a popping cartoony look to my models, though after spending 14 hours painting this guy I can understand why people buy an airbrush.

  • Blue body: Black + Blue -> Blue -> Blue Hightlight -> GW Light Blue
  • Purple body: Purple -> Purple + Light Grey
  • Grey body: Grey -> Light Grey
  • Steel: Black ink wash -> Gunmetal+Silver -> Silver
  • Bronze: Bronze -> Bronze + Silver, Dark Brown lines
  • Insignia: Blended edges with Orange
  • Coils: Arcane Blue + White
Grass is AP Tuft and the stones are from my driveway.




Step 4: Get murdered by the Protectorate

Paint sure does not protect against poor positioning.

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