onsdag 5. oktober 2016

Battle Report #5: Caine2 vs Rask

Rematch time against Halvor! After my sad loss on scenario against Rask I was ready for revenge. I am currently painting my Stormwall, and I wanted to take it for a spin. Yes, I am actually a Stormwall virgin, and even if it's my first time I am sure Rask will not be gentle with me.

Captain Allister Caine (75pts)

Captain Allister Caine (+27)
- Reinholdt (4)
- Stormwall (39)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
- Firefly
Captain Arlan Strangewayes (4)
Gun Mage Captain Adept (5)
Lanyssa Ryssyl (3)
Ragman (4)
Rhupert (4)
6 Rangers (9)
6 Trencher Infantry (16)
- 2 Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier (4)
Stormsmith Storm Tower (4)

Rask (75pts)

Rask (+27)
- Backhide Wrastler x2 (32)
- Swamp Horror (14)
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw (17)
Bog Trog Mist Speaker (4)
Lanyssa (3)
Maximus (4)
Saxon Orrik (4)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (11)
Gatorman Bokor (11)
Swamp Gobbers (2)


I put my Stormwall up the centre with the goal of preventing him from daring Rask to stand anywhere near his flag. Solos spread out

Turn 1

I win the roll. Since Rask has no shooting I decide to go first and run like an idiot. Fire for Effect goes on GMCA, Arcane Shield on Stormwall, and Caine puts Heightened Reflexes on himself, since I am most worried about throw shenanigans. I can't wait for PP to fix those laser guided missile throw rules.

Invisible Rangers move up
 I makes spaces in my front line to give space for the solos to move.

Purple Cygnar are in position

Fairly passive play by my opponent. Rask feats in turn 1 and keeps mostly outside my threat ranges.

Rask moves up, but not very far

Turn 2

I can't do much under the feat. I drop a pod outside the Storm Tower's range. But hey, why premeasure when you can herp derp. Rangers move up and shoot a few Shamblers and I pick off a Slaughterhouser. Covering fire goes down to pin his infantry in. Rangers get Tough from Rhupert.

Waiting for the alpha

Tactics discussion about whether feating turn 1 is good or not

Gators go! The Swamp Horror tramples in, and it and the Wrastler and Maximus clean off some Trenchers and Rangers. Again a bit passive, I feel. Don't give me any more shooting turns than strictly necessary!

Turn 3

Some infantry died

But worse, Rask is 16" away from Caine. The assassination run seems almost impossible to fail.

Within 19" of Caine2? Oh yes.

Rangers move up to Mark Target on Rask. GMCA puts Flare on Rask, so that's +4 to hit. Caine feats and moves up, using Trick Shots on Rask to clear out his sacrificial Bog Trogs at double time.

Rask dies while Caine2 still has 3 rounds in the chamber.

I had forgotten about the Bog Trog sacrifice, actually! It did not come up in the previous game since I never went for Rask then. Halvor was kind enough to allow me to take the Trick Shots I should have had, but even without those three I had plenty shots left, and all the shots from the Stormwall to go.

Yes we Caine! Cygnar wins on assassination!

Post battle thoughts

I had explained how Caine2 works before we started the game, but the Caine2 usually has to be seen to be believed.

I am sure that Rask has game into Caine2, but I think he must play much more aggressively. His melee threat ranges are way longer than mine. Rask must move up and force the issue, he cannot give me extra turns of free shooting stuff.

I have game here due to my 19" threat keeping Rask away, but if I lose my Stormwall I will have great problems dealing with any armor. There is no armor cracking plan B in this list.

Rules errors

It got pointed out to me later that Rask's Call to Sacrifice doesn't work against Caine's Grievous Wounds shot, since it's a remove damage ability. Thanks Nicholas!

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  1. Good game, agree on Minions analysis. Without Rorsh and Brine it's not -that- easy though I guess. Snake would also be most welcome :D

    1. I would certainly be much worse off if I met all the three Lesser Warlocks!


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