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Battle Report #2: Haley2 vs Rask

For my second Haley2 game I face Rask, played by Halvor. I haven't played him before. His threat ranges are long, but I mine are a bit longer. My plan is to get up quickly, deploy smoke, engage and feat. I should by then be so close that Rask's feat has little effect.

The Lists

Haley2 Rookie Squad (75 points)

I adjusted the list slightly. With my long threat ranges I think that both Lanyssa and Centurion are overkill. I swap them for Ragman and Defender, for a better ranged game and more armor crushing.

Haley2 (+25)
- Squire (5)
- Defender (16)
- Ironclad (12)
- Thorn (13)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
- Firefly (8)
Jakes1 (4)
- Thunderhead (20)
Arlan (4)
Ragman (4)
6 Trenchers (10)

Rask (75 points)

Rask (+27)
- Backhide Wrastler x2 (32)
- Swamp Horror (14)

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw (17)

Bog Trog MIst Speaker (4)
Lanyssa (3)
Maximus (4)
Saxon Orrik (4)

Farrow Slaughterhousers (11)
Gatorman Bokor (11)
Swamp Gobbers (2)


We play Incursion.

Turn 1

I win the roll-off and decide to take as much space as possible by going first.

I deploy Thorn on the left to contest / take the left flag, planning to take the other flags with my brick. I then ignore the left flag completely the whole game. As we will see, ignoring scenario is bad bad bad.

Trenchers run up. I cast Telekinesis on 4 jacks.

The rest of the army bricks up behind the clouds.

Rask advances and clouds. Saxon Orric runs up on the left.

Haley2, what to do.

 Turn 2

Thunderhead moves up and the left but fails to do much damage. Defender kills Maximus. I move my jacks up and feat, catching everything.

Rask cannot do much under my feat. He moves up to get his beasts into position.

I ignored the left objective and Saxon scores. 0-1.

In position

 Turn 3

Wrong Eye has gotten to close to Thunderhead, I trample across some Slaughterhousers and punch him to death, removing Snapjaw,

I make a crucial positioning mistake with Jakes. He cannot safely go within 8" of Thunderhead to give focus the next turn. This means I should have kept him way back instead of hanging him close to the front. I cloud up but forget that a minion solo can hand out Eyeless sight.

The Ironclad moves up to the right side Wrastler but fails to kill him, leaving him at 3 boxes.

Thorn tries to kill the Swamp Horror but has no chance, even with Ragman helping.

Again, I ignored the objective. 0-2.

He fails to kill the Ironclad in return.

Saxon scores again 0-3.

 Turn 4

I have killed much of his stuff but the Gator that ate Jakes is very close to Haley. I plan out that I have to cast Telekinesis on Thorn to contest... but focus all on killing the Wrastler and forget to do so during my turn.

So, I have basically killed almost his entire army and lost 2 models! But Saxon scores again!


Saxon Orrik MVP
Cygnar loses by stupidity (I mean, scenario).

Post game thoughts

My three major blunders were not paying attention to Saxon and the scenario, losing Jakes by keeping him too far forward, and of course forgetting to make a crucial move on the last turn.

I should have focused more on making sure that Warbeasts die. I got a bit too greedy with that right side Wrastler, he would have died if I had focused more firepower on him.

Except for that, the game went well. I like the changes to the list. With a better play on my part I think Rask will have big troubles surviving my double alpha.

Thanks to Halvor for a great game!

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