tirsdag 25. oktober 2016

Battle Report #15: Haley2 vs Issyria (match 2)

After the previous game I was feeling good. Even if I lost, the matchup seems very playable.

Major Victoria Haley (75 pts)

Trying out my Storm Lances for the first time, so I modified Jarle's Thornwall list to include a full unit.

Major Victoria Haley (+25)
* Squire (5)
* Stormwall (39)
* Thorn (13)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
* Firefly (8)
Arlan (4),
Ragman (4)
Lanyssa (3)
5 Storm Lances (20)

Issyra, Sybil of Dawn (75 pts)

Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn (+29)
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker (4)
* Hyperion (36)
* Phoenix (18)
Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber (4)
* Discordia (18)
2x Arcanist Mechanik (4)
Dawnguard Invictors - Leader & 9 Grunts: (16)
* Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard - Officer & Standard: (4)


We rolled again, and again Nico won. He positioned a heavy on both sides of Hyperion in order to be able to contest both zones better.

This time I was thinking harder about the objective. The Firefly and Storm Lances were positioned to capture the left zone. The game plan was to score the right zone, feat, clear the left zone and score again in both zones, hopefully going to 3-0 or 4-0 after feat turn.

Turn 1

Issyria plays the same as the previous game. She moves up and covers all heavies with her Arcane Vortex, staying out of my range.

I flank hard left with my Lances and trundle up the center with Stormwall. Haley2 and Firefly are within capping distance next turn.

Turn 2

Nico moves up to contest.

I move up and feat. Lances engage. Ragman, Accelerated Stormwall and Thorn together remove more than half of Hyperion's boxes and I disrupt Phoneix. I also put a some damage on Discordia and clear the left side Invictors. Haley camps 2 and casts Deflection. A good turn, lots of damage, no scoring, but Issyria had to pay by giving me the alpha.

Turn 3

Haley feat turn is always a problem. Nico decides to play for attrition. Hyperion takes out moree than half the Stormwall, and Discordia moves out of melee and blasts Ragman.

Phoenix gets turned around with Telekinesis so he cannot reach either Haley or the Stormwall. I punch Hyperion a lot, rolling poorly and leaving him at a couple of boxes. I should have used Acceleration and then he would have died for sure. It was actually Jarle's idea to not cast it, saying the kill was a sure thing, so I can only blame myself for listening to his n00bish advice. He should play some more games.

Issyria is unfortunately standing close to Hyperion and is exposed to electro leaps. After a bunch of leaps, she dies.

We actually did a misplay there and there was another model that should have been hit before Issyria, but it was impossible to backtrack completely at that point. Bit of a mess, but well well.

Cygnar wins by assassination!

Post Mortem

The game went a lot better when I paid attention to deployment and scenario ranges, and ensured that I had a shot at taking the zones. Even though I did not actually grab a single point, the pressure forced Issyria to fan out and contest, giving me better chances to kill stuff, and also forcing Issyria up where she was exposed.

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