tirsdag 18. oktober 2016


We had a fun doubles tournament at the club!

I played Caine2, and Alex played Vayl2, 2x 50 points. I could not go to the first game so I registered a stand in - but a spot opened so Alex and I were there for games 2 and 3.

Game 2 was against Jarle and Christian. These guys are really good and had brought good lists, so we knew this would be uphill. I will let Jarle tell the full tale on his excellent Courage of Caspia blog.

Getting ready for game

Game 2

The masters at work.

Game 2 under way!

Ready for WAR!

Game 3

Game 3 was against Wormwood and Vlad1. Unfortunately our opponents were not aware of how Caine2 worked. There was open LOS to Wormwood, so we debuffed him with the Shard and then Head Lumberjack Caine walked up and feated. The tree was immediately felled. A bit sad since this could have turned into a great game, but friendly tournaments are also tournaments.

Now firing at POW20. How I miss Ayana & Holt in my Caine2 list.

Measure Twice, Assassinate Once.
My Lucky Charm, painted by my son 3 years ago!
Last two games in progress

Due to our high SoS after meeting Jarle and Christian (the winners) we actually placed 2nd!

Full tournament results are at Tiebreak.

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