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Battle Report #16: Haley2 vs Issyria (match 3)

The games went so quickly that we found out that we had time for a third game. The score is 1-1? Who will be the champion? Who will walk home, mind gone, spirit crushed, body mauled? Well, none of us, because we don't play HORDES. We, my friend, have cortexes.

Major Victoria Haley (75 pts)

I felt in both the matches that another Ironclad would have given me more punch, with the possibility of one-rounding a colossal. I modified the list back to be almost identical to Jarle's supertuned Stormwall list. I'm not such a big fan of Lanyssa in that list, since her threat is so close to my max threat. I don't have the Gobber Tinker, so I used a min bodgers instead, making this the Official Pjolterbeist's Thornwall Extra Gobber Repair Power List (tm).

Major Victoria Haley (+25)
* Squire (5)
* Stormwall (39)
* Ironclad (12)
* Thorn (13)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
* Firefly (8)
Ragman (4)
4 Field Mechanics (3)
3 Storm Lances (20)

Issyra, Sybil of Dawn (75 pts)

Nico also swapped back to his original list. I think the only change was Wyshyshnanalyrrylyrr for Lanyssa.

Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn (+29)
* Hyperion (36)
* Phoenix (18)
Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber (4)
* Discordia (18)
Lanyssa (3)
2x Arcanist Mechanik (4)
Dawnguard Invictors - Leader & 9 Grunts: (16)
* Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard - Officer & Standard: (4)


For once Nico wins the roll, and this time he opts to go last, taking the hated trench. Evicted from my apartment, I take the other side.

My strategy this time is similar - threaten to clear the left zone while grabbing a point or two with Haley2 on the right zone.


Turn 1

Lances taker the hill. Stormwall goes up and leaves a gap for Haley. The Ironclad gets a bit hemmed in, he should probably have taken the other way around the forest.

Turn 2

Issyria advances up.

I go up, and feat. The Stormwall shoots at Phoenix, hitting every shot, and rolls crazy damage. Phoenix is blasted off the table. A lucky hard 9 also takes out Lanyssa. Ironclad moves into position.I set up Lances to assault the objective next round.

I made a mistake in keeping the bodgers too far back, so no repair for me next turn.

Locked under the feat, Issyria tries to shoot away the Ironclad, but dice are low and he does not kill it completely, leaving it at 7 boxes and with the right arm intact. Nico cannot contest, I score in his turn.


Turn 3

I shoot the objective but fail to clear the last Invictor. Stormclad moves up to block off the colossal and I kill the Invictors which could have run up to contest the right zone.


Issyria punches back but cannot contest. I score another point in her turn.


Blocked out

Turn 4

I pass and score the last point.


Cygnar wins by scenario!

Post Mortem

Haley2 is so good on scenario. Granted, the dice were in my favor, but it is hard for Issyria to contest without feeding me too much of her army. My conclusion is that Haley2 has game against Issyria when the scenario is live.

I learnt a lot from the games, and it was great to have three games back to back in the same matchup. I definitely will try to practice like this in the future.

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