tirsdag 18. oktober 2016

Battle Report #13: Haley2 vs Caine2 (match 2)

We discussed our lists before the rematch. My all girl squad is pretty atypical, and I decided to go for a more vanilla Haley2 Thornwall list. We also did a couple of improvements to Lars' list.

Major Victoria Haley (75 points)

Yes, Jarle. Blazers and no Storm Lances. Go ahead, make fun of me, get it out of the way.

Major Victoria Haley (+25)
* Squire (5)
* Stormwall (39)
* Thorn (13)
* Ironclad (12)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
* Firefly (8)
Arlan (4),
Ragman (4)
3 Tempest Blazers (10)

Captain Allister Caine (75 points)

There was one solo more, I think, but I cannot see from the pictures.

Captain Allister Caine (+27)
* Reinholdt (4)
* Stormwall (39)
Journeyman Warcaster (4)
* Firefly (8)
Rhupert (4)
2 Gun Mage Captain Adept (10)
6 Rangers (9)
5 Storm Lances (20)


This time Lars chooses sides and takes that beautiful Trench, and I get that damn funnel.


The Angles. The Angles.

Turn 1

I move up and the Blazers flank left to threaten his solos, staying slightly out of Caine's threat range.

Caine2 advances.

Turn 2

I cast Deflection and then Time Bomb on two Storm Lances, killing one, and also hit the enemy Stormwall. My Stormwall moves up and threatens the entire zone. I am trying to force Lars to give me the double alpha.

The Blazers pick off Rhupert

Lancers engage and put a lot of damage on Thorn, taking out his Arc Node and he also gets Grievous Wounds from Caine. Ragman gets Trick Shotted away.

Turn 3

Caine2 is standing right next to the Stormwall. I run the Firefly within 5" of Caine, throw Temporal Acceleration on the Stormwall, and walk in and start hitting. When the second to last punch lands, Caine is completely electrocuted by all the POW 12 electroleaps.

Cygnar wins by assassination!

Post Mortem

A misplacement by Caine there, standing right next to the Stormwall and with no other leap targets around.

3-0 today, that felt nice after the thrashings I have been receiving lately. Caine2 vs Haley2 is difficult for both sides. I am almost certain to run into these matchups in future tournaments here in Oslo, where there is a Swan at every corner!

Thanks for my opponents for some fun games!

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