onsdag 12. desember 2012

Rök is painted

I got a Dire Troll kit for my Birthday, and really the only Dire I want at this point is Rök. So I bought a kit and upgraded it. Here's the result:

Rök, front view

I wanted to keep the crystal theme, and for Rök it was pretty obvious it has to be ice crystals. I had a couple of attempts before settling on how to paint the crystals, and decided that having fairly light crystals would contrast the skin better. I was a bit worried on whether blue crystals on blue skin would work at all, but hoped that the very different color tones would be enough.

The paint on the crystals are (bottom to top) GW Icy Blue + White, GW Icy Blue, and  Cygnar Highlight. I then gave a thin blue ink wash to pick out the shaded areas, and went over it with some white highlights.

Granted, it's still some very blue ice. But I think he looks cool (haha) painted glacier blue.

Rök, left side view

Rök, right side view

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