mandag 3. september 2012

DM 2012 - Game 5 - Nemo2 vs Feora2

I was rather worried about taking Caine2 and all his expensive solos against Feora2. Jacks burn a whole lot slower than Gun Mages! So, Nemo2 it is.

The list:

(From memory, and I don't know Menoth well...)

Feora (Martin K)
-bonded redeemer
10 errants + UA
6 zealots + UA
2x vassals
covenant of menoth

The game:

I had a forest in most of my deployment zone. This forced me to put my jacks on the left outside the forest, gun mages on the right. Rhupert and sword knights in the middle.
He put Zealots on the right, jacks and Feora in the middle, Errants in front.

I run up and cast Fail Safe on the Centurion and Force Field on myself.
He runs up.

I shoot away half of his Errants and put Polarity on Thunderhead and Lighting Shroud on the Ironclad.
He kills all my Stormcallers - I had forgotten about Hunter. Eyriss zaps the Ironclad.

I feat. Arlan boosts the Ironclad, which splats Eyriss. Thunderhead pulses away most of his remaining Errants. Centurion reaches one of his heavies, which enlivens away. Damn! Fortunately it enlivens in a bad direction, it could have gotten Thunderhead the next turn.

His two heavies fail to kill the Centurion, which was a bit of bad luck. He feats, but there are few things burning. it just kills a couple of Sword Knights.

Centurion wrecks a heavy. Ironclad puts some damage on the Reckoner. Thunderhead pulses away most of the remaining support.
He finally kills my Centurion.

I run with my Gun Mages and box in his jack so it cannot Enliven, I rust, and then wreck it with the Ironclad. Thunderhead pulses away more stuff. Triple Pulse! First time ever. Only Feora and a light left.

I run to capture a Control Point with Gorman, and the Gun Mages contest the far zone.
He kills my Gorman with Feora. I have less than a minute left!

The result:

I run out of time and lose. I think it's about turn 7 at this point. A sad loss, after having decisively crushed his army. Three more minutes and it would have been a sure win!

Lesson learnt: Agonize less and roll more dice! This loss could easily have been avoided if I had played a bit faster.

Total score for me: 2-3, and 3 control points.

Edit: I've been informed my opponent was Martin K.
Edit: And he has provided me with the correct army list. Thanks!

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