mandag 3. september 2012

DM 2012 - Game 1 - Caine2 vs Haley1

I chose my Caine2 list, since my Nemo2 list is pretty bad against Stormwalls. I was wondering if my strategy would work. Turns out, it didn't work all that well...

The list:

Haley1 (Søren Husum).
Storm Strider
2 Stormcaller
4 Mechanics
10 Precursor + UA

Reinforcements: Gorman, Hunter, Storm Tower. 

My opponent was a very skilled and gracious player, I really enjoyed the game even if I got my ass handed to me in short order.

The game:

He moved up.

I shot the Strider with the Hunter and killed the repair leader with Magic Bullet. Rangers got Blur.

Some of my stuff got zapped by the Strider. His reinforcements cleared out my Risen.

I killed the Storm Strider with Rowdy and moved my Sword Knights into the zone.
I killed most of his reinforcements.

He shot more of my stuff. Precursors were winning against the Sword Knights.

The time came to try to kill the Stormwall. Unfortunately, I forgot about Arcane Vortex. So, Harm failed, and Shield Guard meant I could not strip the Arcane Shield, which would give it too much armor. So, I shot away the Sentinel instead.
He responded by podding both Gorman and Aiyana, serves me right for putting them in a line... :D. By this time I had nothing to kill the Stormwall with.

The result:

I lost on running out of time, but the game was lost anyway.

Haley1 brick is hard to kill, dammit! Especially against such a good player. I wish I had brought Ragman instead of Arlan, I needed even more debuffs with all those defenses. Maybe I should have tried to flank around it, I don't know. It was a good game, even though I was crushed.

So, now I'm 0-1 and hungry for a victory!

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