søndag 8. oktober 2017

Guild Ball October Cup

I am going to my first Guild Ball tournament! I have exactly the contents of the Brewers starter, but I hear it is a pretty decent team.

Packing for Guild Ball is not at all like packing for WARMACHINE.

The Tournament

My goal for this tournament was to play 4 matches of Guild Ball and learn my team a bit better. If I win one, it's a bonus. :D

6 players turned up for the tournament - 2 Brewers, 1 Alchemist, 1 Rangers, 1 Engineers and 1 Farmers. There is one special price, a Chibi Princess mascot, for the first player that manages to score a goal with the mascot. That mascot will be mine, Scum, or it's the water hose for you!

I have also gotten some lovely new official Brewers tokens from Frozen Forge. I have been using Frozen Forge tokens all the way for WARMACHINE and Hordes. They are good looking, sturdy, and made to be very simple and easy to read!


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)


Click the links for full battle reports!

#1: Brewers vs Farmers
#2: Brewers vs Alchemists
#3: Brewers vs Brewers
#4: Brewers vs Engineers

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