fredag 6. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#2): Brewers vs Farmers

After the intro game I was ready for more! Playing a different opponent, Martin, but same lists (Brewers starter vs Farmers starter).

I don't have a full match report. I was rather busy just trying to learn this stuff, but I have a couple of the plays.

His Windle was really well painted. Next time I'll make sure to take a close up photo.

The Match

The Farmer striker has the ball on the left. I had Friday loaded up and ready to go. She charged and wanted to grab the ball, but managed to get zero hits on 9 dice.

With the next influence she managed a tackle, and then kicked the ball into the goal with the last one.

I had trouble with the scarecrow dude, who was hanging around my goalpost and managed to score later in the turn where I scored my first. I actually managed to send him to the bench, but it took three activations and a ton of influence to do it.

I had placed Scum outside Grange's melee range, but later in the round I managed to push him into melee range, after which he kicked the living daylights out of my poor little moggie. I threatened to call PETA, but it did not help.

I had a nice play where Hooper ran back to the goalpost, grabbed the ball, passed it to Spigot, who then ran up and kicked it into the goal. Two activations to move the ball from one goalpost to the other, this game sure moves pretty quickly!

The Score

Final score: 12-5 to me. I had two goals and sent the scarecrow and the pitchfork dude to the bench. He got one goal (should have had two, but dice...) and skinned my cat.

We had a great game!

I made several tactical mistakes, not the least was not really having any idea how much influence each model needs to do his job! First turn I had a lot on my captain when he could not really do anything, and just 1 on Stave who could have started blasting people immediately, for example.

I am impressed by the rule set. Having lifted at least half the rules from Warmachine is of course a pretty good start. The rules are complex but well organized, and give a lot of options each action. No back arcs, no line of sight, and simpler terrain rules remove a lot of the bits that are fiddly in Warmachine.

Afterwards I went to the club and finished painting Hooper and Stave.

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