søndag 15. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#9): Tapper vs Grange

Again I face Alexander, Mr. Minature Man at the Outland store, the man who gave me my very first introductory game.


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)



Poor Windle has been slacking too much in the fields, so he has been replaced with Tater. Tater is a completely new (unreleased?) model, and has a nasty AOE knockdown attack. I better try to spread out a bit...

Round 1

I get to kick off.

We mostly move up. I hit Grange with a barrel, and send him flying. The mascot ends up with the ball after a missed pass.

Round 2

Tater goes in and knocks down Friday, Spigot and Hooper with one swing. Pretty nice ability!

I manage to hit Grange again with a barrel, preventing him from doing anything this turn. The grand mêlée begins. Friday does her really nice trick of hitting Harrow again and again, poisoning three models by bouncing Dirty Knives from the playbook.

Round 3

Harrow goes down. The ball gets knocked away, and Tapper moves in. He's been playing super solo all day!

Round 4

Tapper goes to town. He knocks down Peck, pushes away Jackstraw, moves up, and kicks the ball into the goal. 6-0 to the Brewers! I love how being able to attack and move in any order allows you to do such dynamic turns.

The brawl in the middle leads to Tater going down. 8-0!

Round 5

The Farmers are trying to flank me. Harrow moves up with the ball. Scum goes and growls at him.

I have 2 minutes left on the clock when the Farmers time out. I pile up on Grange, he is taken out. Two penalty activations and it is all over.

12-0 to the Brewers! This game really went my way. The Farmers really need to get the buff train going if they are going to outfight the Brewers, and this time they did not really get it rolling. Stave keeping Grange out of the fight for a turn probably did a lot to swing the game in my favor.

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