tirsdag 24. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#18): Grange vs Esters - Windle Triple Kill

This time I face a different Brewers team, using lots of ranged attacks to fire away at my Farmers. Lars is piloting the Brewers.


Guess which models. Come on, just guess. I dare you. OK. I'll say it. It's the base set. Happy now?

Grange (Captain)
Peck (Mascot)



Round 1

Hooper kicks off.

Harrow grabs the ball and kicks it over to Grange.

I give Grange and Jackstraw 3 each, and Harrow, Windle and Bushel 2 each. I don't expect much to be able to reach him so it's mostly for running and kicking.

Tooled Up Esters rains fire on my guys. Grange takes 5 damage, Harrow 10 damage, and a couple on Windle. Poison and fire everywhere. Not good, I am starting to feel nervous!

Round 2

Grange gets 5 influence, Jackstraw 3,  Bushel 2 for a possible run + kick, Windle 2 for dealing the pain, Harrow 1 for Tooled Up, Peck 1 for Cocky.

Both the captains gets ganged upon and go down like twin sacks of flour.

Round 3

I need to unentangle Bushel and get her up to score.

Scum is taken out in the process of opening up a lane for Bushel. Friday tries to steal the ball, but a double crowdout leaves her at 2 dice and she fails to tackle the ball off Bushel. I build some momentum, and Bushel then does a pretty cool move:

1 influence to pass to Jackstraw, and then teamwork dodge 4" to get free.
2 influence use "I'm open" on Jackstraw to get the ball back!
Jog to within 4" of goal.
1 influence to kick and score!

Round 4 

I left a harvest marker from the last turn. Harrow gives tooled up to Windle, who wolfs down a sandwich and goes to town! In one single activation he does 6 attacks and finishes off Spigot, Stoker, and Friday!

Waaaaagh! Wait, wrong game. Windle smash! 12-2 to the Farmers.

Post Mortem

The first turn against Esters is rough, but later in the game I feel that Tapper is stronger with his Commanding Aura and effective +2 influence.

I keep forgetting that it is possible to use Momentum to ignore rough terrain. I really must start remembering that.

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