mandag 23. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#16): Grange vs Blackheart

I meet Morten's Union again, this time with less cardboard cutouts and more metal!


I still only got the starter, so... 



I think this is Morten's second game, his goal was to try out the models and see what they do.

Avarisse & Greede

Round 1

I decide to kick with Bushel since it is possible that, if the kick goes far right, I will be able to get the ball. The ball did not scatter that way. Also she is a good threat to snatch the ball if anyone moves up with it.

Blackheart uses his Legendary to attempt a first round goal with Mist. I guess what is happening, and move Windle to make it hard for her to go straight at the goal. Mist moves towards the centre to try a goal with the first activation next turn. Bushel runs as far as she can to block the opening.

Round 2

Grange is within charge range of multiple models, so he gets 6. Jackstraw get 3, because, well, Jackstraw is pretty much a 0 or 3 influence player. I left a harvest marker so that Windle can eat his breakfast at any time.

Mist goes for her run, but the crowd outs gives her problems. She tried to build momentum off Peck, but fails, and I counterattack and push her into range of Grange. Then it all breaks down, she is not able to get into range with her last action she kicks the ball far away. I am pretty sure this is a poor play - I will get the first takeout and be ahead, and I could potentially just leave the ball dead for the rest if the game.  Probably better to kick it into the Union lines and possibly force me to feed a model to Avarisse and Greede.

Mist is taken out by Grange and Harrow, and then Windle moves up and takes out Decimate. The Union is playing way too aggressively here, and only end up feeding me players. 4-0 to the Farmers.

Round 3

Grange hits Blackheart, Avarisse and Greede take out Grange, Windle moves in and takes out Blackheart.  I could have left he ball, but I decide to use Jackstraw to get it and possibly set up a scoring run next turn. Gutter goes in very aggressively and after a counterattack push from Harrow she is engaged by everyone. 8-2 to the Farmers.

Round 4

The game is effectively won.

I measure it out and cannot get Bushel to score without first getting rid of some models. So I decide to just go for the easy solution. Grange walks up and pounds Gutter into the ground, and then Windle gets Tooled Up and Big Breakfast and rips Greede in two.

Farmers win 12-2!

Post Mortem

The blocking line in the beginning worked great. I had some holes but ran the models to cover them, and it was enough.
I forgot to place several harvest markers. This is super important, I have to make sure I remember to place with Harrow and Grange every time!

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