fredag 27. oktober 2017

Guild Ball: Brewers Team Fully Painted!

My Guild Ball Brewers, fully painted, plus Union members Hemlock and Harry "The Hat" Hallahan!

I went for a bright, high contrast color scheme where I repeated the "tartan" (which I simply painted a bright orange-yellow instead of as a tartan pattern) on every model, and used a palette of various browns for most of the belts, gloves, boots and other details. For contrast and variety, I gave each model a unique piece of clothing, like the checkerboard pants on Mash and PintPot, the bright blue pants on Tapper, or the striped pants on Stave. I hope this makes them look like a cohesive team, but with each model also looking like an individual player.

Pretty much all of the painting is bright base colors, a bunch of different GW magic washes, and then picking out highlights and detail. Feel free to ask if you want to know about any particular colors.

I find writing names on the rim of the base a bit ugly, so I added a green stuff plate which I built into the base, with the name of the character. I know from WARMACHINE how confusing it can be with 100+ different models in the game. Hopefully this will make it easier for beginners!

I don't like my bases to take focus away from the miniatures, and I also find basing mind-numbingly boring, so they are quite simple - GW Astrogranite smeared on, with a light grey drybrush, and a few pieces of GW grass tufts. The plan was to make something that will look good, and fairly neutral, on both street and grass mats.

Next project: The Union. Unless Octoberfest Esters should happen to arrive by tomorrow...

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