lørdag 20. august 2016

Tempest Blazers - Painting Horses for the First Time

Cavalry seems to be the new hotness in WARMACHINE Mk3. I have ordered a box of Storm Lances, but I already had an unassembled box of Tempest Blazers sitting on a shelf at home. I love these minis, they have great dynamic poses, and who doesn't like tricorn hats?

I was aiming for a decent tabletop quality paint job. I downloaded a bunch of horse reference pictures and decided to make each one a different coat. Cygnar Horses seem to be very well endowed, but I thought it better to not download any reference photos for those bits.

Since I haven't painted for years I decided to keep it simple, not do blending, three shades and see how it turned out. Blending would probably give a better result overall with such large and smooth rounded surfaces, but well, maybe next time.

Sideways view. The leader has some extra gold trim and a black horse.
The leader got a black horse. The horse is painted black + very dark blue and has two shades of blue mixed in for the highlights. The mane got a black base and then some very dark brown for the highlights. Hard to see that it's done, but it makes the result a lot less flat than just having it black.

Had a bit of fun adding some spots to this horse
For the gray I found a nice reference photo of a speckled horse. Simple, but gives some variation.

White markings
I made a pale chestnut for this one, with white markings.

Tempest Blazers, soon harassing a flank near you! Don't miss out!
Usually I just add sand to the base, but I picked up some small rocks from the driveway as well. The bases are very big so just having them flat with sand becomes a bit boring.

Well, that's it! I'm looking forward to trying these guys out!

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