tirsdag 20. mars 2018

Guild Ball (#56): KTC March Match 4: Corsair vs Tapper

The currently top ranked Guild Ball player in Norway, Fredrik, was my last opponent. I think I have lost the last 4 or so games against him. Maybe I can reverse the trend today? He had just picked up Brewers. I considered dropping Shark, who I think is stronger against teams that like to bunch up. But, I wanted to see whether Corsair could actually deal with the Brewer scrum without A&G.


I changed my lineup to see whether Jac's pushing abilities could mess sufficiently with Tapper, or not. Gutter went out.

Corsair (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)



Round 1

I kick off, and again it is pretty perfect.

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 0, Angel: 1, Hag: 0, Jac: 3, Siren: 3

I do drag in Hooper, the other interesting models have been anchored so I cannot drag them in.

I place Angel too close to the fight and she is taken out by a tooled up Scum. Siren finishes off Hooper after the rest of the team has beaten on him.

Round 2

Tapper moves in on Jac and has the hottest dice, soloing him - in cover and on full health! He lands the KD, the Commanding Aura, and with his last 4 attacks he needs 27 out of 28 dice to hit on 2+. I computed it afterwards and the odds were about 2% for that result. This really gave me huge problems, losing all of Jac's attacks meant that I was now losing the scrum.

Losing a bit of track of the games notes here since I am getting a bit tired.

Friday scores, and Angel scores, and first Hag and then Siren gets beaten up. Brewers take it, 6-12!

Taking out Tough Hide models really sucks without any access to damage buffs. Next time, I will drop Shark!

The end result of the tournament was 3-1 to me and Fredrik- but I won on strength of schedule. My very first tournament win in Guild Ball! The prize: Limited Rage (yay!) - and a gift card from Outland that I convert into a Shadespire starter. :D

It was a fun event, well organized by Stig, as always!

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