mandag 23. april 2018

Guild Ball: Kristiania Tiger Cup - April

Kristiania Tiger Cup is back, and this time I am the organizer!

Our local pundit Stig was happy that someone else was doing it for a change. He has been doing great work building the Guild Ball community in Norway, but really there is no reason why he should do it nearly all by himself.

I had not used Longshanks for organizing tournaments before, but it was super easy and totally intuitive. Thanks Sam, for making such an awesome tool!

I also played, bringing my regular Fish lineup, no surprises:




Gutter (Union)

Outland was so kind as to provide prize support. One free Guild Ball 6-man box to the winner!

I have been very busy lately, so I don't have time for the full match reports! Quick recap:

Match 1: Corsair vs Piper

The first game was vs. the Ratcatchers! I dropped Corsair, because I think he is a much stronger drop than Shark. The Ratcatchers can shoot Shark clean off the table, and he certainly does not want to be snared, diseased and momentum starved. Corsair, on the hand, can pull in the fairly weak Ratcatchers and beat them up.

Some serious gang up bonuses in progress after Scourge elected to charge into the scrum. Poor Scourge!

Piper got a goal in!

The end result was 12-4 to the Fishermen in the middle of round 2. Angel scored 2 goals in 2 rounds, and Corsair had a couple of takeouts.

Match 2: Corsair vs Piper

More Rats, this time against Fredrik!

The game become very tight, with no-one able to command a lead.

We both timed out, but I was one point ahead - until Fredrik managed a takeout on Tentacles and swapped the pressure onto me.

The end result was 12-11 to the Ratcatchers. Close one! I think this is the 5th game in a row I lose against Fredrik. Damnit! :D

Match 3: Shark vs Hammer

This would be the last game of the tournament. I wanted a fun Shark game, and Masons is one of the matchups I like him in.

Shark lands the first one, and Hammer gets blinded.

Unfortunately Shark gets pushed into range and then boxed in anyway.

Sakana mangages to land the next two goals.

End result, 12-4 to the Fishermen!

Post Mortem

Ratcatchers sure have a lot of tools, but it seems like it will be tricky for them to get the ball back off Corsair after scoring the first goal - and I think Corsair beats harder, so he will be my drop into them in Hungary next week.

Event results on Longshanks. Fredrik wins with the Ratcatchers, and I take second.

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  1. Fish matchup against Masons is Shark and hope for Hammer.
    I'll never fall into this trap again even though Hammer is much better into Corsair than Honour.

    1. I agree, Shark is good against Hammer and should have an even fight against Honour.


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