mandag 5. mars 2018

Guild Ball: Nerfs!

The three best Farmer models have been getting extensive nerfs, and Corsair has lost access to Avarisse & Greede.

Errata blog post at Steamforged.

So, I guess I will have to do some thinking and testing, since these were the lists I have currently been playing! The nerf to Farmers is pretty significant. Having to eat the harvest markers for several of the abilities, plus shorter ranges to the markers to trigger them, is going to make them a bit trickier to play. They will probably be playing with around around 2 less effective influence now. They did not really lose much of their excellent defensive tech, though.

Corsair losing access to A&G means that Corsair probably has to play a more football-oriented game. I'll probably be looking at either keeping it beaty with Gutter, or making a more pure footballing list.

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