mandag 19. mars 2018

Guild Ball: Kristiania Tiger Cup - March

We had yet another Guild Ball tournament today at Outland! Eight players showed up from nearby cities - two from Kongsberg and one from Gjøvik. Very nice to see more Guild Ball players popping up in Norway!

My plan this time was to try out Corsair as much as possible. Corsair got nerfed by losing access to Avarisse & Greede, which makes his list punch a lot less hard. I think this was a good change. I found the previous list overpowered and rather dull. I did have time for a couple of games with him earlier in the week (been too busy for match reports - sorry), and while the new list is probably a bit less powerful overall, Corsair is still very good, and it is certainly a hell of lot more fun to play.

I had played around with some different list options, and ended up with this roster:


Gutter (Union)


Shark - Salt/Tentacles - Angel - Greyscales - Hag - Siren

More or less the Shark list I have been playing, but trying out Angel instead of Sakana. Three strikers, Siren for ball grabbing, Hag for the extra threat, and Salt or Tentacles depending on the enemy team.


Corsair - Tentacles - Angel - Hag - Siren - Jac/Gutter

My plan would be to put Angel, preferably in cover, within 8" of the enemy goal, get the ball off the opposing team with Angel and Corsair, and then use her to snap shot in the goals.

If the stars are right, you can get:

Angel (4/8")
Angel's Super Shot (+1/+2")
Corsair's One Leg Stance (+1/+2")
Keep The Ball Moving (+1/0)
Bonus Time

For a total of 8 dice, that is 96.5% chance to score snap shots at 12" range. :D

Of course that combo does not happen every game, but it does not require much setup (Activate Angel, use Super Shot + Nimble, snap shot with bonus time) to get to 6 dice and a pretty decent 89.1% chance to score. It's better odds than a 3 dice kick!

I would use Gutter if I played an opponent where getting several takeouts seemed fairly likely. and Jac against tankier lists where it is useful to control and break up the scrum by pushing away key opposing pieces.


Game #1: Corsair vs Ferrite
Game #2: Corsair vs Honour
Game #3: Corsair vs Honour
Game #4: Corsair vs Tapper

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