tirsdag 20. mars 2018

Guild Ball (#55): KTC March Match 3: Corsair vs Honour

I get the exact same matchup again against Gaute. The only difference is that I get the original Harmony version this time.


Corsair (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)
Gutter (Union)



I kick off and get a nice 1-1 deviation, landing the ball just over the half way line.

Round 1

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Angel: 1, Hag: 0, Siren: 3, Gutter: 2

Siren gets 3 influence so that I can threaten to take the ball off. Gaute only allocated 2 to Flint, making it hard for him to get completely into safety behind cover.

I punish that by dragging in Flint and punching him a lot.

Round 2

The round starts with Honour far back with the ball. Seize the Initiative is played to dodge Flint out immediate danger.

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Angel: 1, Hag: 0, Siren: 3, Gutter: 3

The ball gets passed to Harmony, who chain links. Unfortunately Tentacles gets a free strike, grabs the ball, and with Close Control Harmony is not able to get it off again.

Corsair then beats up Harmony, and Gutter takes out Flint. Brick takes out Hag. 4-2 to the Fishermen!

Round 3

Gutter is ready to score.

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Angel: 4, Hag: 0, Siren: 0, Gutter: 3

Another screamer for my Angel! 8-2 to the Fishermen.

Round 4

Lots of models have returned on the left flank.

There is a lot of combat - Angel ends up taking out Flint (!), Honor retaliates by taking out Gutter.

Round 5

Finally Corsair slides forward across the rough ground and punches up Mallet. 12-4 is the final score!

A very different game from the last one, quite grindy. Corsair and Gutter sure can deal out the damage!

Normally the tournament would have ended at this point, but we decided to extend it with a round since we had several out of town visitors.

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