tirsdag 15. november 2016

Spawn of Everblight #3: Lylyth1 vs Nemo1

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (5 points)

* Carnivean
* 4x Shredder

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo (0 points)

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo
* Charger
* Firefly
* Ironclad


Lylyth1 wins the die roll and deploys in safety behind the wall. Nemo1 grabs the hill.

Turn 1

Lylyth1 moves up.

Cygnar gets into position and shoots away one of the Shredders. Nemo1 forgets his plan which was to to feat and fry the Shredders. He is also out of range of the Ironclad and cannot buff it. Well well, no takebacks against kids!

Turn 2

Once again Cygnar has greatly underestimated the power of the Shredders. Parasite, some high dice rolls and bye bye Ironclad.

With so much of the army in ruins, Nemo1 goes for the hail mary. Nemo misses. The Charger misses on both shots. So much for the accuracy of the Swan.

Turn 3

Nemo1 is dragon food.

And Everblight is satisfied.

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