lørdag 26. november 2016

Frozen Forge tokens

I am sure that a lot of you have spotted the absolutely beautiful tokens, measuring widgets and templates most of the Norwegian players have been sporting at events, and also the custom colored purple Cygnar ones that I use for my battle reports. They are made by my friend Jonas Brand and his company, Frozen Forge.

Jonas Brand has been an avid player of WARMACHINE for years. He knows exactly what we need, and he makes the very best stuff. Super durable, very clear and obvious symbols, beautiful design. Every detail is right, down to separate tokens for Journeyman version of spells, focus token variants, and sufficient tokens for every possible minion and merc.

All the tokens for my Caine2 army list

Movement widgets are so much more accurate than using a measuring tape.

0.5" - 6" measuring and movement widgets

I love planning out my assassination runs and important unit placements with these proxies.

Proxies with front arcs 

I wanted to help him get the word out, so I have reached an agreement with him that I will link to his store from my blog, and when he makes some new clever stuff he'll send my a copy, and then I will tell you about it.

As you can see my blog has no other ads. I don't get any money from Frozen Forge for this. I do this purely because Jonas' stuff is the best, and I am super happy with the design and quality.

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