fredag 13. juli 2012

Playing Caine2 in Iron Horse tournament, Arcon 28


I played the 16 man Iron Horse tournament on Arcon 28, and since I think I more or less remember the games I'll post a quick recap of the list and battle reports. Here's the full results:

First off, the list:

- Hunter
- Squire
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
Black 13

Yes, that's 22 shots/turn in a 15pts list. Yes, this will probably leave yet another stain on my immortal soul. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!


On to the battle reports!

Game 1: Caine2 vs Kaya.

Approximate list: Battlebox + Lord of the Feast

Turn 1: Circle moved up.
Turn 2: I moved up and put down a mutant dog.
Turn 3: Lord of the Feast failed to hit the Blur'ed ATGM. Kaya moves within 19" of Caine2, out of cover, rest of battlegroup advances.
Turn 4: Feat, Kaya is dead.

Game 2: Caine2 vs Jarl.

Approximate list: Jarl, Mauler, Impaler, 3 Long Riders.

Turn 1: Jarl and Long Riders move up. Jarl is hiding behind a house.
Turn 2: Hunter fails to do much.
Turn 3: Mauler and Impaler move up and cover Jarl, who is now within 19" of Caine. Some damage is done to the Hunter.
Turn 4. Gun mages move up and push the Impaler away. Jarl is now in sight and not in cover. Feat, Jarl is dead.

Game 3: Caine2 vs Skorne Melee Warlock

Approximate list: Agonizer, two angry elephants

I don't know what to say, this one was of course impossible for Skorne to win.

Turn 1: Skorne moves up. Warlock hides in a forest out of my sight (which is a good plan).
Turn 2: I feat to remove the hyper aggressive elephant, and there is really no way to for Endre to reach me.
Turn 3: He moves up as far as he can.
Turn 4: I shoot the Warlock with Caine.

Game 4: Caine2 vs Constance

(I was supposed to play against Cryx but Jonas had to go, so I met Alex instead).

Approximate list: Constance, Precursor Knights, Gallant

Turn 1: Precursors and Gallant move up.
Turn 2: I shoot away half the Precursors.
Turn 3: Constance moves up, camping all focus, but does not screen with the Precursor Knights, which would at least have prevented the assassination.
Turn 4: I feat and just manage to drop her on the very last roll. ARM22 is pretty rough for Caine!

4 kills for Caine, and I have my first ever tournament win!

Just out of curiosity, how would you go about beating this list at 15pts?

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