tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Game 1 - Nemo2 vs Madrak2

Friday night, tournament time! My first opponent is a very happy Madrak2 player who was great fun to play, from "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Belgian". He was not the Belgian.

Scenario: Outfight, Outflank, Outlast.

Approximate list:

- Axer
- Mulg
- Runebearer
Fell Caller
5 Long Riders
Fennblades + UA
Pyg Burrowers

5 Champions (reinforcements)

He deployed Fenns left, Pygs, Madrak and Mulg center, Axer, Long Riders and Horthol right. I had Centurion and Sword Knights left, then Thunderhead, Nemo and support, Stormclad, and finally Gun Mages right.

Turn 1: He runs and burrows.

Turn 2: I advance and set up outside his charge range, using Polarity.

Turn 3: He runs to engage with pretty much everything, except Mulg and Madrak, but forgets to deploy his flanking Champions,

Turn 4: WHAM. I remove some of the Fennblades near Thunderhead witth my support and feat with Nemo. Thunderhead energizes up into the hole I made and Pulses, frying about 3 Fennblades, 8 Pygs, and my own Gorman. My support kills the rest of the Pygs. Centurion moves up and tries to assassinate Madrak, which fails. Sword knights kill some more Fenns. On the right flank, Stormblade goes medieval on the Long Riders, and together with my flanking force I kill every single one and dismount Horthol. Two Gun Mages walk up and push the Axer out of control. Almost half his army are toast. Things are looking good! My opponent keeps drinking and smiling.

Turn 5: Axer goes bananas and charges the now Bull-less Horthol from the rear, decapitating him in one angry blow. Champions deploy. Mulg easily dispatches Thunderhead. Madrak  feats and kills some more stuff. Centurion has some scratches. I score my first control point on the right, which is now almost troll free - just the frenzied Axer left.

Turn 6: I fail to kill the Axer. My right flank starts moving to the left. More stuff dies on the left, Centurion is still standing.

Turn 7: He kills the Centurion but can't get his army over to the other side.

Turn 8.. More killing on the left flank. Centurion finally goes down to eMadrak and Mulg, but it does not matter. There is nothing on the right after my Stormclad kills the Axer. I score a control point.

Turn 9. I score the last control point since he's too far away. Win! Afterwards we drink some beer!

A really good start to the tournament! Our team won 3-1.

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