tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Game 6 - Nemo2 vs Ossyan

We get matched against Dooleys, and are unable to swap pairings! This is sad, we don't want to play our regular gaming partners. We got feated on and I got Nima playing Ossyan

Scenario: Can't remember which scenario, but it was Killbox, which makes the matchup even worse for me.

Approximate list:

- Two iJacks, they all look the same to me. I guess one was Hypnos.
The Solo with Power booster
10 Halberdiers + UA
10 Mage Hunters + UA
8 Stormfall Archers
2 Ghost Snipers

This is pretty much my worst possible matchup. The list is a hard counter to my list. Ossyan's feat obliterates my heavy armor, with all the Mage Hunter and Stormfall Archer attacks at 4D6. Also, he has a lot of control abilities that stop my jacks from working.

Nima set up, from left to right, his Mage Hunters, Snipers, Archers, Ossyan with a jack, more Archers, Halberdiers, one more Jack. I had pretty much everything in the centre.

Turn 1: I move up.

Turn 2: He starts picking away at my Sword Knights. Half of them die. Halberdiers move on his scoring zone.

Turn 3: I go for the hail mary and try to send up Thunderhead to Pulse away the Mage Hunters, misjudging the distance and getting just one instead of five. I also move further up with the Centurion and Stormclad, vastly underestimating just how much damage he deals on his feat turn. My gun mages pick away a couple of Stormfalls and some more Mage Hunters. Unfortunately both units pass their command checks. My Sword Knights goes into his scoring zone.

Turn 4: Ossyan moves up and catches pretty much everything in the feat. All my jacks are obliterated in one single turn (Nima rolled pretty well). I have almost no army, but Ossyan is far forward. I completely forget that he also debuffs my ranged attacks, and so does Nima. I start going for an assassination, but we realize halfway through that I have one less die on my damage rolls, so it cannot possibly succeed. I shift and start filling up the zone he can score in.

Turn 5: He tried to get rid of everything in the zone , hoping to score some control points before killing Nemo. There is still a Gun Mage, the Squire and Gorman left.

Turn 6: I cannot win. All I can do is to try to not give away any Control Points. So, run Gorman towards my table edge, Energizer Nemo to turn him around, and charge Gorman so I go out of the killbox! I lose by running away. Next time, Nima, next time! :D

Nima commented afterwards that he couldn't really ignore the Thunderhead where it was, so if I had kept back my other jacks he would have been forced to feat to kill it anyway. This would have been a far better strategy for me, and I'll have to keep it in mind against heavy ranged Alpha Strike forces.

So, I end up going 3-3 in ETC 2012, and so does my team.

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