tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Game 3 - Nemo2 vs Grim

I believe this game was against a player from Cheeseheads from the Netherlands.

Scenario: Radial with the one big circular zone in the middle.

Approximate list:

- Earthborn
- Impaler
- Bomber
Fell caller

3 Long Riders
10 Pyg Burrowers

His set up: Grim in the rear with Janyssa, cowering behind the wall for most of the game. Beasts and Fenns towards the centre. Long riders on the right flank.

My set up:  Gun Mages and a Stormcaller on the left. Jacks and support in the centre, with the Sword Knights.

Turn 1: He runs and does not burrow, but hides the pygs behind a forest. Good move!

Turn 2: I move up, polarity, start flanking with the gunmages, getting ready for taking the first hit.

Turn 3: Bomber with Far Strike starts dealing out some damage. Fennblades run into the zone. Pygs burrow so they can pop up all over the zone.

Turn 4: Gun mages clear the way, and Thunderhead moves up and Pulses, killing a bunch of Fenns. Stormclad charges the Bomber but does not do a lot of damage. Again he fails me! Sword Knights try to jam the Long Riders. Arlan fails to repair. The zone is cleared. One point for me!

Turn 5: I am made to pay for my aggression. Grim feats, slowing my force. Bomber and Earthborn maxes out on fury and rips plenty of new holes in Thunderhead and Stormclad, scrapping them both. Pygs pop out and shoot, but don't deal a lot of damage. But it's already clear I'm on the losing end of the attrition war.

Turn 6: Centurion tries to kill the Earthborn and fails. Gun mages are beginning to threaten Grim and Janyssa.

Turn 7: Horthol and the Earthborn wails on the Centurion, not doing nearly enough damage. ARM 23 is sick.

Turn 8: I hit the Earthborn some more with the Centurion, failing to kill it. But, Gorman moves up! After my attack he blinds everyone, so both the Earthborn and Horthol and the Centurion are blind. This prevents Horthol from trying a Bull Rush next turn. Arlan repairs.

Turn 9: My opponent tries his best to kill everything that is left in the zone and the Centurion, but forgets to heal Body on the Earthborn, reducing the damage dealt. So, he fails. The Centurion is still alive! He is at about six boxes at this point. It's dice down, and I have eked out a 1-0 control point victory. If the game had continued I would almost certainly have lost. Very, very close one!

I am now 2-1 and so is my team. Go go go! :D

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