mandag 21. januar 2013

Norwegian Masters 2013 - Game 4

Hoarluk vs Siege (Leif Bøhli, Cygnar, Norway)

Leif is actually the guy responsible for getting me hooked on WARMACHINE. I had played several practice matchups against him, and at least one against his Siege list, which I lost by getting too close. So I knew the importance of staying 19.5" away from him at all times, or my old shaman would surely bite it.

- Stormwall (19)
- Squire (2)
Arlan Strangeways (2)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)
Rheinholdt (1)
Black 13 (4)
5 Ogrun Assault Core (9)

Round 1

Go for the big guy!
I go first and run up, out of his threat range.

Leif moves up.

Round 2

I wanted to place Mulg inside the trench in the center, but as far as I could tell that would place him just within the Stormwall's reach. I ran my Pyre up as a decoy... it's my least important beast, and I was hoping that it would draw some fire.

Leif, master CRA artist.
Leif decides to CRA the Pyre with the Assault Core, rolling the awesome roll you can see before you. So, essentially, he has put the entire unit within Rök's Berserk + Goad range. This is *not* a good idea. But, a few Stormwall shots and Siege shots blows the poor little Pyre to bits. My bait was taken!

Today's special: Bunched up Ogrun - for first course, second course, and dessert.

Round 3

I can also roll a lot of 1's.
This roll happened twice for me in this game...

I Feat with Doomshaper, toss a free Primal on Mulg, and move so that I'm just within forcing range of the Stormwall. Rök goes to town on the Assault Core, cutting four of them to pieces. This clears the charge lane for Mulg, who smashes into the Stormwall. After seven hits, and one miss (first time that ever happened with Primal + Wild Agression on Mulg, triple ones on three dice), I leave the Stormwall at 3 boxes... and it still has a cortex. Damn! Bye bye Mulg! I tag his objective with a Whelp and get a control point.

Stormwall vs Mulg, battle of the OP.
Who will be left standing?

Siege feats and Leif has fire dice, he blows away my Axer, and the Stormwall manages to 2-shot Mulg, doing 26 damage on the first swing. But it does not matter at this point, since I have an undamaged Rök, and he has only eight points left on Stormwall after Arlan fixed it.

Round 4

Rök smashes the Stormwall to bits, and I tag the objective with a Gobber. Now it's two points to me, and there is no way for him to win.

Round 5

I know how Leif feels...
Is there a last ditch assassination option?

I tag the objective again, and that's it. I win on scenario.

Wrap up

I was pretty happy to have this matchup, and Leif was not. I was pretty sure that Doomshaper could deal well with both his lists, and since the Siege list is a bit weak on both scenario and attrition I made sure to just keep Doomshaper well out of the threat range.

Personally, I think it's key to make lists that can win in two ways. Unless you're playing someone who doesn't know the list's shtick, it's just too risky to go for a pure assassination list. You need to either threathen to take the scenario, or to grind your opponent down, in order to force the other player to commit his caster.

I'm 3-1, this day is over, I'm tired, but feeling good. A top half position should be secured now.

I have a couple of beers and go down to Parkteatret, where I have a long chat with Ice-T from Poland. Then I take an early evening, and manage to get about eight hours of sleep before Sunday. There, my next opponent awaits... Menoth again. I don't like playing Menoth, they are so good at grinding you to dust... or charcoal. :D

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