torsdag 10. januar 2013

My nemesis falls

Finally, I managed to get a win with my trolls against Cryx, after three defeats. Jonas' lists are:

Asphyxious2 with Banes, Tartarus, Bloodgorgers and Bile Thralls


Deneghra2 with Satyxis

I picked Grim and he picked Asphyxious2. I don't like Hoarluk2 against any of his lists... the Asphyxious feat can remove all my heavies in a turn, and Deneghra2 is also pretty hard with rooting my heavies for a turn.

Bloodgorgers moving up the board

There was a big obstruction on his side of the table

Jonas went first, placed (left to right) Banes and 2 Biles on the left of the obstruction, then Asphyxious, Arc Node and digger jack and the rest of the Biles, and then the Bloodgorgers.

I had placed my Nyss on my left to deal with his Banes, then Grim and retinue, the Fennblades, the spirit, and finally the Scattergunners on the right. I also advanced, placing most (but not all) of my infantry out of Bile + Excarnate threat range.

The right flag disappeared.

Next turn he killed off a few og my advance Fennblades with Bloodgorgers, and placed clouds behind them to prevent me from engaging his main force. Pretty nifty move.

Then, my dice went super hot. I feated and casted Marked for Death and the Banes. Then, Grim and the Nyss killed every single Bane (save one) and both the Biles on the left flank. The Fennblades killed some exposed Bloodgorgers and otherwise just spread out as much as possible. A couple of Scattergunners advance Unfortunately I hadn't prioritized correctly on the Banes and did not score, but I was way up in the attrition game, and the left flank (and flag) would be hard to contest for Jonas. My Feralgeist ran towards the left flag, and would be able to reach it next turn.

Jonas killed off some more of my troops, and scored the center flag. Score : 0-1.

I cleared the left flag, moved up the Earthborn to kill Tartarus. Then I packed in Grim as much as I could, behind a wall, with some Nyss and one Fenn around him. I was camping 2 Fury, but very unsure about whether I could weather the Feat. Score: 1-1.

Jonas tried to do Excarnate on a Nyss, needing an 8, but rolled a 7. Very bad luck, he would have been able to kill most of my Nyss if he had succeeded. He was unable to kill the Earthborn, even with Parasite on. That was again a bit unlucky on his part, on average dice he would be a couple of boxes short, but he was left with about 10 boxes. So, I scored in his turn, and he did not. I passed my turn, scoring again, and that was that.

I must admit that I was more than normally lucky in this game. It could easily have gone the other way, and even though I was way up for the entire game, I was extremely worried about suddenly being on the wrong end of a feat assassinaton. With excarnate and the feat, it's just so easy to clear a lane.

Things to improve:

  • Spread the infantry out even more until the Biles are dead.
  • Remember the scenario conditions

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