fredag 18. januar 2013

My first game of Infinity

After the rather frustrating "Hardcore"-ish tournament, I saw that a very nice Infinity table had appeared. I asked for a demo game, and it was provided by Andreas Ringqvist.

The objective was to use our squad and capture a hacker that was waiting for us in the park. It's 3 points for capturing him, 2 points for killing him and stealing his stuff, and 1 point for forcing the opponent to retreat.

My first impression was that the table was very nice. Infinity is typically played in realistic urban settings, and uses true line of sight rules.

Two enemies are in cover behind a van, ready to shoot me down if I move out of cover. I'm further down the street, ready to shoot him if he moves out of cover. The reaction system means you can gun down people as they make a dash for the next piece of cover. Stalemate!

I get the first kill, gunning down my opponent with a reaction shot as he tries to round a corner.

I flank his position by moving around the house on the left. He's hiding behind the statue in the center. In Infinity you can choose to activate a model several times, instead of activating each model once.

After we both have lost a couple of men, I manage to run in, snag the target and go into hiding. All I have to do now is survive until the mission ends.

He doesn't quite reach me. I place a mine around the corner and trigger it, blasting him to bits.

All in all, a fun and fast game. There is much room for outwitting, outflanking and outguessing the opponent. In many ways, it plays like a classic tactical board game.

It seems to be a very casual type of game. With true line of sight, and rules like "you have to be at least 30% in cover to get a bonus", I think it won't work very well in tournaments.

Thanks for the demo, I had a really good time! Hey, maybe I'll even pick up a pack of minis, not that I really need yet another game! :D

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