onsdag 11. januar 2017

Storm Chamber Podcast all Nemo3 episode

I would recommend that my fellow Swans check out Storm Chamber Episode 13 on Muse on Minis! They have played lots of games and tried out a bunch of Nemo3 lists.

I agree with most of what they have said. Nemo3 is very focus efficient, but still does not want a bunch of jacks since he does not support them all that well outside the free focus. No threat range extension makes melee jacks hard to use with him.

I am not sure in their conclusion that he is not competitive, though! He is probably not up there with Haley2 or Haley3, but I think he can be a good second caster in a pairing.

Jarle is also busy trying out Nemo3 over at Courage of Caspia, with several battle reports to read.

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