torsdag 12. januar 2017

Battle Report #54: Nemo3 vs Amon

For the next game, it's Nemo3 vs Amon. Amon has a list consisting only of Warjacks and support, using Synergy to make his lights and heavies punch for above their weight. It's going to be interesting to see if Nemo can grind through all of it!

Artificer General Nemo (75 points)

All the cavalry!

Artificer General Nemo & Storm Chaser Finch (Nemo3)
* Reinholdt
* Dynamo
* Firefly
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Major Katherine Laddermore
Rhupert Carvolo
5+5 Storm Lances

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza (75 points)

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza (Amon1)
* Hierophant
* 2x Crusader
* 5x Dervish
* Devout
* Templar
Anastasia di Bray
Vassal of Menoth
2x4 Choir of Menoth


I win the die roll and elect to go first.

I put Lances on each flank, and everything else in the center. I hope that maybe I can use the central forest to not deal with his entire army at the same time, and maybe secure one zone.

Amon deploys centrally with the heavies, and a number of Dervishes on each flank. The Allegiant goes on the right, which means that Amon plans to go left.

Turn 1

I run up. If I had thought harder I would have been slightly further back so that the Dervishes would not have been able to run into melee with me.

Upkeeps are pretty much as they were the previous game. Right side Lances have Arcane shield, left side have Electrify, Nemo has Magnetic Field and his Firefly has Lightning Shroud.

Dervishes run to jam as much as possible.

Turn 2

I had placed several of my models badly in the center. It's really important to have lanes open for Laddermore, the Fireflies, and Nemo. These models are the ones that will activate first to get into position to apply buffs, and also it's best to clear jammers with them so that the Lances and Dynamo can get charge into the next line.

Anyway, it's time to see what Nemo3 can do. Feat goes up. POW12+3D6 leaps is insane against the Dervishes. 4 Dervishes die in a storm of lightning. One Crusader loses its cortex. If I had played this correctly, I would probably also have killed the last Dervish and that damaged Crusader.

I have placed a Lance near Amon, that was bad play and allows Amon to start the Synergy chain. UMy poor positioning the last turn has left Dynamo within charge range of the Templar, which knocks out Dynamo's Cortex. A sidestepping Dervish with Synergy is able to kill 3 Arcane Shielded Storm Lances by itself! Nemo3 is very punchy, but so is Amon!

Turn 3

I do another bad play and try to take out the Templar, but only removing the cortex . In hindsight I should have focused on removing as many as I could of the other jacks. This would have made it harder for Amon to build his Synergy,

I am losing too much stuff!

Turn 4

I have lost on attrition and go for a last ditch assassination run. The GMCA uses Shadow Fire on the book, and the Firefly and Nemo3 shoots and casts what they can. Amon loses some boxes but it is not enough!

The Protectorate wins by attrition!

Post Mortem

This was a fun game! Amon is a great and dynamic attrition caster, and so is Nemo. Both lists hit hard and tank badly, which makes for interesting strategy. I had bad positioning and bad target prioritization during the game, so I clearly deserved this loss.

I also forgot about my plan of dominating the Amon-less flank. I could have used the Storm Lances and Firefly better there to remove the Allegiant and give Amon a real headache.

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