onsdag 5. desember 2012

My son's first (and second) HORDES game

So, my son is soon six years, and I gave him a Legion starter last summer. Today, he said he wanted to play with miniatures! And so we did.

First game

His list:

- Carnivean
- Swamp Gobbers

My list:

- Mauler

First, we pretended his Carnivean was painted completely white.

Theodor Odin's army is attacking. His dice are hot!
We started pretty close. He walked up his Carnivean, it used Spiny Growth on itself, and sprayed Madrak1. I transferred the damage to the Mauler. Then, he popped the Gobber smoke, walked Lylyth behind it, and shot the Mauler twice with Lylyth, taking out its Mind.

My turn, I cut myself for one Fury, walked up and threw Rathrok at the Carnivean and did almost no damage. My son said the game was boring now. I told him he had a blast a moment ago. He said he thought it was more fun to play his own turn than to watch my turn (I can see his point...) :D . We agreed to continue. Then, the Mauler healed itself, charged in, hit the Carnivean twice and did some damage, I then Smash & Grabbed it and threw it on the Gobbers, killing them both.

He then activated the Carnivean and proceeded to dismantle the Mauler, and then he used Spiny growth on Lylyth. Lylyth shot Madrak twice, leaving him at six boxes.

Carnivean and Mauler duking it out
I cut myself for five fury, leaving one box. I charged past the Carnivean at Lylyth, the free strike from the Carnivean connected, and that was that. Victory to my son! :D

Victory roar!

Second game

His army has been reinforced by four Shredders,
two elephants and a bomber plane
My son added his four Shredders to his force and I added an Impaler and Alten Ashley. He asked me what Alten did. I said he killed big monsters. He looked a bit concerned at this rather disturbing piece of news, and asked me not to take him. Lanyssa looked less threatening, I guess, so I got to take her instead.

My son was adamant that he wanted a huge big forest in the middle of the table, so he grabbed a green Duplo LEGO board and built a forest. He did this since he remembered from this summer that Legion can see through forests, and the trolls can´t. The little cheater, already placing the terrain to his benefit! After this, he filled the forest with traps I didn't know about, and put an elephant on either side. When my Impaler entered the forest it took forty damage from some rotating flowers and died. I tried to walk around the forest but the elephants blew me back. After this a LEGO bomber plane entered the fray, destroying the Mauler, and his monster truck ran over Madrak, dealing forty damage. So I lost this game as well!
Madrak1 gets assassinated by a monster truck

I asked my son which game he liked the most, and he said it was the second one. I am not surprised. We had a really, really good time! :D

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